Weekly Recap: September 12, 2016

Good morning this crisp Monday morning folks. It has been an extremely busy week these past few days where friends and family came first, and hence we had to take the pedal off the gas on the blog. Plus with Shipra gone away to Singapore on work, we are working with reduced strength all this week as well Smile Here is a quick recap of all the interesting things that happened last week:

Aviation News

It seems aviation regulators worldwide are taking note of the problems with the new Samsung Note 7 phone, and barring it from being operated on flights. India imposed a ban a few days ago as well. On the other hand, there were a couple of movie actors who kicked up a storm at Delhi Airport, by offloading themselves from a flight. Here is how it works

Hotel Promotions

Always dreamt of staying at some of the all-inclusive properties of Starwood but found it beyond reach? No worries, they come with a 35% discount on Starpoint redemptions now.

We are swinging back in action this week, so keep an eye on all that is coming your way shortly!

Cheers & have a good week ahead, and safe landings

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