Here is how to earn upto $65 / INR 4000 in Airbnb Credit (usable anywhere)

Airbnb has a great way to get new users started up, usually offering $15 / INR 1000 or equivalent in your currency to get you started for your first booking when you make a reservation above $74 / INR 5000 with Airbnb. If you haven’t ever used Airbnb, this might be a great time to sign up with them. image

Having said that, if you are up for marking your trip as Business Travel, Airbnb will give you a further $50 code for using on your next trip with Airbnb. Just add your business email address with Airbnb via your profile, and book a trip for Business (you will have to select Business Travel as the purpose of your visit). After your stay, you will receive a $50 coupon code for any Airbnb booking. You just need to make sure that the email address you submit is not a public domain email such as yahoo or gmail. This $50 credit is valid for new as well as existing users.


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