Amex offering a free Gold Card for life, along with an Amazon Voucher

American Express has recently launched a new Gold Card, which is essentially a Credit Card variant of their Gold charge card. The Gold Charge Card/ and the Membership Rewards Credit Card, offers 1000 Membership Rewards points for using your card 4 times a month on transactions of over INR 1000. You also get the same earning ratio and the same bouquet of reward transfer partners in the Gold Karat membership collection.The card comes at the same fee as well, with INR 1000 for the first year and INR 4500 second year onwards.

Now, American Express is offering a free for life card to new to bank customers, as long as you apply by November 30, 2016.


Here are the requirements you need to fulfill:

  • Income Criteria: INR 6 Lakhs onwards per annum. To get the card free for life, you need to be earning INR 12 Lakhs upwards per annum (ex any incentives/bonuses).
  • You must hold a credit card of another bank issued in India.
  • You should not have held any Personal cards with American Express India in the past (including charge cards as well as credit cards).
  • You also renege your privilege to earn any welcome or renewal gifts for being a non-fee paying customer.
  • You need to be a resident of residents of Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Indore, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat & Vadodara

Further, this offer only takes applications online. You need to complete your application as well as upload your KYC documents online, and you would also be sent an INR 1000 voucher from for getting an online approval of the card. Here is the link to the online application.


I think this is a great promotion from American Express, and if you have been on the fence for joining the American Express member base, you should take this opportunity to get their card free because Amex does not do free for life cards much any more.

Will you be applying for the free-for-life Amex Membership Rewards Card?

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  1. @Ajay They are also offering Jet AMex card free for first year to some JP members. I received a letter yesterday with the offer , dont see much harm in it nor much benefit . Thinking to take it for this year and then ponder if to revive for next year or not.

    • I got the same offer too, but as I read online, you don’t get any joining benefits like JP miles, free ticket…etc. That just killed it for me as I already have HDFC JP World which is lifetime free!

      • hi Raj kumar, Do you get renewal benefit of 4000 JP miles if your HDFC JP World card is lifetime free? I know that the complimentary Base fare waived domestic flight ticket and discount voucher for Rs. 750 for return travel will be there only if annual/renewal fee is paid. However, was curious to know about the renewal benefit of 4000 JP miles. Thanks in advance.

  2. Whats the best partner- hotel/airline that these points can be transferred to? Whats the conversion ratio for the variant?

  3. Hey
    I just renewed mh citi presitge card & i have been informed that they are no longer giving taj gold membership . Now they are only provding silver. Does anyone know abt this info?

  4. What is the best course of action for existing customers to get this card? I currently have Gold charge card and have my AF due in coming month. Any chance of product conversion to this new card?

    • I am an existing Gold Charge Card customer. When I logged into my online account, I could see a banner to apply for lifetime free companion gold credit card.
      I applied through that link and received the card within a week.
      You can try if you can see that link too in your account.

      • I can’t see any such links in my online account. I spoke to AMEX Rep today and he firmly mentioned that, the fee-free card is only for new non-amex card holders. When did you apply ?

        • I just spoke to AmEx rep 5 mins back, and she said that since I am an existing AmEx Gold Charge card holder, I will get the Membership Rewards Credit Card for free, she even took my request for the new card, and said someone will call back.

        • I had applied on 8th Nov and got the card delivered within a week. This one is a free companion credit card to the gold charge card, for existing card members.

  5. Bizarre to post this on Boarding Area with mostly US readers without any mention in the headline (and only buried in the article) that this applies only to Indian applicants.

  6. Ajay, Does it make any sense to apply for this card when I am using Citi Prestige and Diners Black ?? MR programme is miserly when u compare with Citi and HDFC10X.

    • This card is only useful for the bonus MR points. It wouldn’t have a place in my wallet for everyday spend. Spending the minimum 48k INR to trigger the monthly MR bonus would yield 12,960 MR in a year, or 6,480 miles. Spending that same amount on the prestige instead would yield 1,920 miles. For me, the 4,500ish differential miles you’d be chasing wouldn’t be worth the hassle of making sure to do 4 transactions per month. I would probably do something easy and idiot proof, like top up my paytm account 4×1000.

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