This Week At The Lounge : January 15, 2017

Actually, call it this fortnight. Hello from Mumbai. The past two weekends were a whirlwind. The start of the year, i.e., January 1 was spent in Sydney right after the New Years. If you missed the celebrations with us, here is a video of how gorgeous the fireworks turned out this year. They were a tribute to all the artists we lost in 2016, especially Prince. That explains the Purple Rain on the Harbour Bridge. Apart from that, the feeling of starting the year with no reservations on the calendar was a very nice one for a change.

We are just about getting settled in, and returned to posting this past week. I’m tinkering around with the format and the posting times of the weekly update, and from the next weekend we will move to posting on Saturday instead of Sunday which we worked with during 2016. You would also notice the name change.

Top Stories

Emirates will now open the doors to their First Class and Business Class lounges in Dubai for non-eligible customers against payment

Picture Courtesy Emirates

Hong Kong was a gimme in terms of Visa free travel for Indians. Next week onwards, one will need to do some paperwork to go to Hong Kong


Hong Kong from the Peak

New Years in Sydney. What can I say, it was lovely.

Sydney Fireworks

Mumbai Airport runway closure February through April 2017

Mumbai Runway movements

Trips & Travels

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Promotions and Updates

I hope you had a good week and are all set for a great one ahead. What would you like to read about this week?

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