This Week At The Lounge : January 21, 2017


Good evening from the lounge ! We’re all settled into the New Year and like we mentioned last week, we’ll be moving our weekly updates to Saturdays. So, here I am on a bright sunny Saturday sipping my evening coffee and typing away.

There are lots of promotions and aviation news to catch up on but before that here are the top stories this week:

Top Stories

If you hold a Mastercard then here’s your chance to earn a gold status by completing just one paid stay in any Starwood hotel/resorts within the Asia Pacific region.  Remember as a result of the Starwood & Marriott merger, you can get yourself both SPG and Marriott Gold status through this offer!

SPG Gold

Earlier this week, there was news about  Etihad and Lufthansa exploring a merger possibility, however later Lufthansa issued a statement formally denying the news saying “A financial stake is out of question at the moment”


Here is our review of HDFC bank and Jet Privilege’s Diner Club credit card that we got last year in August.

Cards & Rewards

News & Views

Promotions & Updates

We hope you enjoy your weekend and do let us know what were your favorite reads this week.

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