Looking back through January 2017 at the Lounge

January 2017 was a remarkable month for both Shipra and myself. After coming back from our rather short vacation from Australia (hey, 20 days there is not much, ok!), we got down to business, along with preparing to move homes within Mumbai. That should explain infrequent postings over some days as the lack of Internet kills it. We are settling in just now, and are trying to do our best currently to keep you posted with everything as it happens. The much requested credit card strategy should also be out soon.

Here are the most read stories of January 2017

SPG & Marriott Gold for One Stay offer through July 2017

Perhaps the most lucrative promotion out there for one stay only! SPG Gold gets you Marriott Gold which gets you free breakfast and more…

Mumbai Airport runway closure February through April 2017

This has already kicked in today, and I’m looking at the thin traffic at Mumbai Airport on FlightRadar24 as I write this. However I think I just saw a plane land on the runway which was supposed to be closed, and one take off as well. Will do a check later and report back.

Etihad & Lufthansa considering Merger?

There is a press conference today by Etihad & Lufthansa. I’m waiting to see what they announce.

How to get Vistara Platinum with a Status Match

Vistara is the new kid on the block, looking for new elites to be crowned. Are you going to be one of them?

Emirates offering paid First Class Lounge Access in Dubai

The world has come to Emirates trying to monetise their First Class lounges. Did you know you could find your way in from Economy Class as well by paying $200.


HDFC Bank JetPrivilege Diners Club Card Review

One of the best cards out there for JetPrivilege and Jet Airways tickets. Comes with 15 tier points and lots of points to start up! Check it out.

Have a great February 2017, and I’ll go back to the presentation of the Union Budget. Enjoy Valentine’s day this month!

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