Jet Airways Billion Miles Giveaway now even better!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Billion Miles festival of Jet Airways, where they are offering everyone extra miles for flying on Jet Airways. The initial announcement about the promotion read that those flying Economy will get 1500 JPMiles, 5000 JPMiles for Business and 10000 JPMiles for First Class during the promotion period which ends March 31, 2017.

This is a fantastic promotion, and all that Jet Airways asks is to book with them, rather than with your friendly neighborhood travel agent. Already, a ton of people have been winning miles everyday. Here is the list on the Jet Airways website.


However, the airline has made the promotion even sweeter now. Earlier, it was limited to people who book and fly by March 31, 2017. Now, it includes people who book by March 31, 2017 but fly by May 31, 2017. All those people receive guaranteed bonus JPMiles as described above.

As for the mega prizes, they are still limited to those who travel by March 31, 2017 as well.

All around, I’m hoping a lot of people win this one! Have you gotten your bonus miles yet?


  1. I think I made a good use of this promotion.

    I booked ktm-bom-del in premiere for ₹19k and will get 13k miles in return.

    So effectively, ₹ 6k for ktm to del in premiere which is equal to economy fare (assuming 1JPmile=₹1)

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