Vistara to launch a special service for women flyers

Vistara is joining Air India and SpiceJet in adding services specifically for Women Flyers on the occasion of International Women’s day. However, in their way, which is of being a full-service carrier, Vistara has taken it further.


From tomorrow onwards, Vistara will provide preferred seats to solo women travellers, as well as baggage and transport assistance on arrival. As per Vistara, they will ensure to assign window or aisle seats to solo women travellers if they leave it to the last minute at the check-in counter. Additionally, uniformed Vistara staff will wait at the baggage claim area to help women travellers with their baggage and escort them to the taxi if requested.

I’m keen to understand how long would these services last and if they would be institutionalized or not (will they exist 5 years later?). Meanwhile, kudos to Vistara to thinking two steps further than their peers on this aspect.


  1. Like really what is going on with Indian carriers and women? What is sudden obsession about doing things for women only? Do they want to stop getting male passengers all together?

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