Dubai Airport has new baggage guidelines!

Dubai Airports has issued a new advisory, where they are moving away from accepting all sorts of bags which impact their baggage systems. As per the airport, the following kind of bags won’t be accepted with immediate effect:

  1. No round bags
  2. No bags without flat surface
  3. No irregular shaped bags
  4. No oversized bags
  5. Bags that do not meet the criterion will have to be repacked in boxes for a fee

As per Dubai Airports,

“Dubai International provides some of the most sophisticated baggage systems in the world,” said Ali Angizeh, Vice President of Terminal Operations at Dubai International. “However, even the most technologically advanced systems can be disrupted by irregular shaped or oversized bags.”

“Passengers, who show up at the airport with non-compliant baggage, will also be given the option to have it repacked in boxes for a fee.”

You can find more details here.

Since a lot of our readership passes through Dubai all the time, we figured we’d let you know!


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