This Week At The Lounge: March 25, 2017

Hello everyone. I hope you have had a good weekend. We surely have had a good weekend. After all, when you get to have a sight of the Etihad A380 almost landing into Mumbai, it would be nice, right?


This has been an interesting week behind us, with some small changes under the hood as well, which is the reason we did not post much yesterday.

Top Stories

This is a personal story, of how I over a million miles in 2016. You can too, if you follow along and are disciplined about making miles everywhere you go.

The Chip Card!

Two Indians should be role models but are hopefully on no-fly lists. They have been a menace on Air India flights this past week, and need to be debarred from flying.

Air India

The Complete ban on electronics. The US of A has implemented a complete ban on electronics if you are flying in from 8 different countries. They think it is a problem that your laptop may have a battery which could be used the wrong way!


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Here is hoping you have a good week ahead. Time I went and got prepared for mine!

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