Newborn on Jet Airways gets free travel pass for life

Wow! Here is a nice story to make up everyone’s day. A baby was born on board a Jet Airways’ flight yesterday from Dammam, Saudi Arabia to Kochi, India.


Yesterday, the scheduled commercial flight 9W569 was on its ways to Kochi, when an expecting mother went into premature labour. The crew declared a medical emergency and diverted the flight to Mumbai. However, it looked like the little one was in a rush, so with the aid of a nurse on the plane, the flight crew helped deliver the baby on board. After the plane landed in Mumbai, both the mother and baby were rushed to a hospital, and they were reported to be doing well.

Usually, airlines allow expecting mothers to be travelling till they are 36 weeks pregnant, however in the later stages of pregnancy, they may need a fit to fly certificate from their doctor. Here is the policy for Jet Airways. Other airlines around India have similar policies.

Since this is the first time Jet Airways had a baby being born on board, Jet Airways has offered a lifetime free travel pass for all his travels on Jet Airways. Now lets hope this one makes good use of the pass and goes places!


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