Lufthansa sending goodies for Indian Independence Day

Good morning from Chandigarh everyone. It is India’s 71st Independence Day today, and wherever I look I do see everyone getting ready to celebrate it. Including Lufthansa India.

In the world of airlines, however, it seems today is more about running special promotions to sell us some more tickets. Jet Airways has an ongoing sale for Independence Day, and so does Air India.

What makes it interesting is the opportunity so many brands could have used to identify with their Indian patrons, but only one picked it up. Lufthansa has been running a campaign around India talking about how they were More Indian Than You Think. Hey, India is one of the biggest markets for 1-stop travel to the Americas, and Lufthansa wanted to be in the consideration set.

And they’ve taken the opportunity to make it special for their members in India, sending out special gifts for their Miles & More customers in India. Reader BoardingComplete pointed out to this on his instagram feed:

Colour me impressed, because Lufthansa has taken an opportunity and materialised it for identifying with their Indian patrons, but I haven’t seen any of the Indian airline brands do anything about it. Oh, I know, they will be serving me tricolour cake in my meals today if I flew, but nothing long lasting!

Have you had an experience with an airline where they’ve sent you goodies on a special occassion? Do share with us…


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