Giveaway: Participate to receive $128 worth United Club Lounge Access

O hello September, you are here already? Well. To celebrate the arrival of September, we are giving away 2 United Club Lounge Day Passes, valid through June 2018. Each pass is worth US$ 59, and is valid for use across the United Club network, which United has 49 of around the world. If you choose to sign up for membership, you get a 50$ waiver on the initiation fees as well.

United Club Lounge Access Passes

United Club Lounge Access Passes

There are multiple ways to enter, and each option gets you one entry (some get you 2 entries too!). One winner gets both the passes to their home. Entries are open worldwide, and will be accepted till 10 September 2017. I’ll get these across to the winner as soon as possible right after.

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Good luck folks, and thank you for swinging by ever so often!


  1. Sitting in a lounge is nicer and quieter than in the terminal restaurants and boarding areas. Plus, access to snacks and coffee machines saves money.

  2. I’m currently blogging away to this post as I pass time on my PVD to ORD United Express flight. Only smiles in the sky ! Look forward to trying out the United Club sometime!

  3. I have a lounge membership, and it’s worth every penny. The seating is more comfortable, the bathrooms are much cleaner (some even have showers), there’s free food and drinks, it’s quieter and less crowded. The staff are also very friendly and attentive to their guests needs. I’m hoping to score some of these as my membership does not offer much access to lounges in the US.

  4. Lounge access is the best – a quieter, more comfortable place than the chaotic terminals! These would also be so, so great to have for a trip I’m taking next year with my mom and aunt, both of whom have never been to Europe before (much less in a lounge). I have one pass so these two would be amazing to have for them! Thanks for the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. For the most part, I’ve found lounge access to give me time to relax before my flight. Seems to be more quiet than waiting at the gate with the masses.

  6. This blog is really cool as we get to know a lot about airlines and deals. And it comes up with such giveaway also sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Except it’s also nice to look out for others, and those passes would be a great perk for some traveling friends or family. Glad they’re being offered.

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