You can now pre-book paid lounge access on Jet Airways

Jet Airways last year moved to a new paradigm of Fare choices, where a lot of things changed. This is the ongoing mindset in the aviation industry where different people get different access to resources depending on the fare they paid. Due to this, even top-tier Platinums were, for instance, cut off, lounge access on cheap tickets bought under the Deals category.

However, Jet Airways has finally worked it around to be able to provide paid lounge access to everyone. Once you get into Manage My Booking, if you are determined to be not eligible for Lounge access, you get a new pop-up talking about Lounge Access.

Like you can see, you can buy Lounge Access for INR 1200, which actually works out cheaper than if you had to access via a Priority Pass.

Jet Airways‘ Lounge Access program is currently selling Lounge Access in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Kolkata currently.

Here are the reviews of the lounges on offer:

  • Delhi Airport: Plaza Premiere Lounge
  • Mumbai Airport: TFS Travel Club Lounge
  • Bengaluru Airport: Plaza Premiere Lounge
  • Hyderabad: Plaza Premiere Lounge
  • Kolkata: TFS Travel Club Lounge
  • Chennai: TFS Travel Club Lounge


While there is more than one way to get Lounge Access now including credit cards, however, this is good to know if you had to book, for instance, a senior citizen on the plane and you did not have the option of tagging your status along.

Have you booked up Lounge Access with Jet Airways? How did it work for you?


  1. I would like to think that all the above mentioned lounges offered paid access anyway.

    So what is different that Jet is offering here?
    May be they are offering a slightly discounted price or may be this will show up as a purchase on for jet co-brandes credit cards which in return will get some extra miles

    Nothing impressive here another “JetFail” in my opinion.

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