Amazing 50% off on Qatar Airways for 3 days!

From time to time, Qatar Airways comes up with some fairly amazing sales, and this weekend is one of those. They are now offering a great sale globally.

Qatar Airways 50% off

Qatar Airways 50% off

The current sale if on offer through October 16, 2017, and you can travel till August 31, 2018. The only condition they impose is at least 2 passengers travel together. I’d highly recommend you check out the sale and see if there is something that works for you. It is a global sale to over 150 destinations, so I’m sure there is enough going around in terms of inventory for everyone.


There are some great fares on offer here, and the products on offer for Qatar Airways are some of the best in the market. So maybe it is indeed an idea to scour the sale and check out if you want to make some bookings for the next trip you will be making.

Where have you found the best deals on Qatar Airways? I’ll put out the best ones in a separate post time permitting.


  1. This post is scant on details and is no better than the marketing email that Qatar sends to the mailing list subscribers. If you want to add value to this blog, then find some sample fares that are great deals and post them here.

  2. I’ve checked a few itineraries for 2 people and I’ve found discounts for the second person of 50%. ie, first person pays 800€ the second pays 400€. That’s an OK deal but not stellar.
    It also does not appear to work for US departures.

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