SPG Explore More runs into technical issues

About five weeks ago, Starwood launched the SPG Explore More promotion, where members were being given 500-1000 points per stay at a Starwood hotel, depending on the brand they stayed at.

Now, given this, I should have received a whole array of points in my account by now given I’m chasing Starwood Platinum at the moment and using a lot of Starwood hotels in the process. However, while the stays posted all right, the bonuses did not post within the suggested timeframe. I waited for the 4 weeks to get over and reached out to¬† Starwood for a clarification. Here is what their response is, via a Twitter DM conversation.

SPG Twitter

SPG Twitter

So, that clarifies the mystery of why I am approximately 7500 Starwood points short at the moment, and perhaps you are short some points as well.

Have you been receiving your SPG Explore More bonuses quickly? Or are you stuck as well?


  1. Mine have posted very much in time (around 4 stays in last 3 weeks). Had a missing stay and the moment I got the credit, bonus was posted as well.

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