Air India launching Family Pooling on Flying Returns

While Air India has allowed a low-level of Family Pooling for a while where spouses could combine miles towards an award ticket, they were beaten to the punch by a few years by Jet Airways/JetPrivilege launching family pooling of miles.

However, the airline now seems ready to launch family pooling very soon. They tell us about who all will be able to link together in one account, and the realm of a family is indeed very generous in their case.

Air India Flying Returns Family Pooling

Air India Flying Returns Family Pooling

So, you can count the following family + extended family into your common mileage pool:

  • Yourself
  • Spouse
  • Your kids
  • Your Parents
  • Your Parents-in-law
  • Your Siblings
  • Your Spouses’ Siblings

Like I mentioned ahead, this is more generous than Jet Airways’ family pool where 7 people are allowed, and only one degree of separation is allowed (yourself, your parents, your spouse, your kids). That means your parents-in-law or your spouses’ siblings are not eligible to pool into your account together.

But of course, there is a limit on the number of people who can join a pool, and it is 9 people in the case of this family pooling.

Air India Family Pool

Air India Family Pool

Of course, the verification process with Air India still needs to be improved because KYC takes a lot of time with Air India.


This is a great start from Air India towards reducing the breakage of miles, and helps that you could use your miles towards upgrading your in-laws for their next flight maybe! 😉

What do you think about the in-the-works changes with Air India Flying Returns?



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