Singapore Airlines A380 cabin products launch: first update about confirmed products

As we write this, the Singapore Airlines event to reveal the A380 cabin products in the sky. However, it seems the cat is already out of the bag. is confirming that cabin is the one that is shown in the pictures and here are some insights into the Singapore Airlines A380 launch.

The Singapore Airlines Suites is indeed the same as we showcased here yesterday.

The upper deck will have Skyroom suites, six of them, along with 78 business class seats. on the upper deck. The total number of seats will be 471, the original seat count of the A380.

The new SQ swivel chair is designed by PierreJean Design Studio and is 53 cm wide, which can move around about 200 cm as per the CEO of SQ.

Also, not all suites are the same size. 1A and 1F are the biggest and get between 3.23 to 4 sq. metres of space.

The beds in the pictures stack up on the side and can be brought down when required. They have a spring to keep the head up, for instance, when you want to watch a movie.

Next, the business class seats have been designed by JPA Design and manufactured by JAMCO. Seems the airline will continue with the design where everyone sleeps diagonally in Business Class as has been the case in some of the newer products of SQ. SQ will use cabin fibre for the shell of the seat this time around allowing them to bring a full rollaboard under the seat.

If travelling with a partner, you could pull down the curtain as well, enabling them to travel together without a screen in between.

SQ will also move into personalisation in the premium cabin. For example, you can set your lighting preference and you will be able to use the same settings on further flights in the future. Krisworld will also be able to use the personalization feature, so you can watch a movie on one flight and carry on the next one as well.

Not just that, as per SQ, broadband internet will be available on the planes as well. This won’t be free of course for the members.

All in all looks very interesting. More details as they happen. In the meanwhile, head over to to get first exclusive pictures of all the premium cabins from a live plane.

What are your views about the new SQ cabin being launched right now? Love it or don’t?

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