My experience with Dubai Visa on Arrival for Indians

Last month, I made a last minute dash to Dubai for the Dubai Airshow. Shipra came along as well, as she’d never been to Dubai before and we figured we could see a bit of Dubai on the fringes of the airshow.

Anyhow, this being a last minute trip, I had no opportunity to finish the paperwork and get a visa ahead of time. So I was banking on the Visa on Arrival process that was launched for Indian travellers in May 2017 by the United Arab Emirates. In short, if you have a USA Green Card or a valid visa, you’d be admitted into UAE without a prior visa. This visa is valid for 14 days in the UAE.

However, I had no experience with this VoA process so I was jittery to start with. For almost over ten years, I’ve gone over to the UAE with a piece of paper stating I was going to be allowed in. Once at the airport, though, I could start believing this would really work.

The airline asked me for a UAE visa and I told them about my intention to get a Visa on Arrival. They looked at my USA B1/B2 visa and waived me through. Next, I met the Indian Immigration officials, who also had a look at my USA visa and let me go. Phew!

Dubai Visa on Arrival process

On arrival at Dubai Airport, there were clear markings for Indian travellers who wanted to be admitted with a Visa on Arrival. We had to first go over to a Marhaba counter before immigration, who would process the payment for the Visa on Arrival for us.

There was also a FAQs section explained in English and Arabic before you get in the queue.

UAE Visa on Arrival for US Visa Holders

UAE Visa on Arrival for US Visa Holders

Marhaba charges AED 120 per person as Visa Fees (including 20 Dirham for their service), which is roughly about INR 2000, much lesser than the fee required for prior processing which usually costs INR 6000 at least.

The queue was 4 people deep when we arrived. However, it did take them about 30 minutes before we came to the front of the queue.

Marhaba Dubai

Once there, we presented our passports to the agent on the counter, who scanned our passport and USA visa and collected the money. One can pay in cash or by card. Subsequently, she handed us receipts for the money and advised us to go over to the immigration counter.

Dubai visa on Arrival

Dubai visa on Arrival

At the counter, the only question asked was about the length of our stay in the UAE.Then, we were just made to give our pictures to the immigration cameras. I’m sure I had a bad picture because it took them a few attempts to get mine right. But once they got it done, they stamped the passport and let us in.

Dubai Immigration

Dubai Immigration

If you need to extend your visa, you can do so for another 14 days by paying AED 250, but that is the maximum you can go for.


This was easy, and if you do have a USA visa on your passport, then I’d recommend you try out the Visa on Arrival process. It is cheaper, and while it does take a short while when you arrive in Dubai (could be more when you get off an Emirates A380 perhaps) it is one third the price as well.

Have you had a chance to experience the Visa on Arrival offered by UAE for Indian Citizens? What has been your experience?


  1. I have valid B1/B2 US visa and agent is asking for 6000 for Dubai visa.. I don’t want to spend that much.. wanted to know the price for the on arrival visa @ Dubai… also wanted to know if I should go with the package from agent or through my own bookings… what would be more cheaper.

    • How many days do you plan to stay?

      If less than 14 days, the VoA is your best bet as it is only ~2,400₹ (121 AED).

      Make sure your B1 visa validity dates are more than 6 months

  2. I would appreciate some help on this.
    My parents are Indian citizens who have a 10 year tourist visa for US (on their previous passport) expiring on 2021. We will be traveling from India – Jordan – UAE – India.
    We will be using VOA in Jordan. Will the Jordanian authorities cause any problem when trying to board AMM – AUH flight saying they will be using VOA in abu dhabi using the US visit visa. basically want to know will a 3rd country (Jordan) be aware that Indians are allowed VOA in UAE.

  3. Hi,
    Me and Wife are traveling to USA, with transit in dubai for 20 hours, we have stamped H1B valid for more than a year, can we use the VOA service. I have a new passport and the visa is on my old passport. Will this be an issue?

  4. Thanks for your all information, my son aged 16 yrs staying In India and currently having valid B1 B2 US visa . Is it possible to come alone in Dubai for a few days by on arrival visa procedure. Awaiting your reply. thanks.

    • Hi , as per UAE Rule if a young passenger travelling solo below 18yrs of age need to carry a letter of parents along with parents passport copy and visa copy if applicable for a hassle free experience 🙂 your son can travel on US B1/B2 valid Visa along with 6month valid passport and a confirmed return ticket as well.

  5. Hi Venkatesh,

    We are travelling to Muscat from Delhi with an Oman VISA. We will then travel to Dubai by Road from Oman and we have a return ticket to Delhi from Dubai.

    We have a US B1/B2 VISA.

    Would we be asked for return ticket from Oman during the boarding process at Delhi airport ?

    Can we mention that we have a return ticket from Dubai ?


    • Just tell the airline and the immigration authorities in India that you plan to travel to Oman and UAE & return is via Dubai. Are you driving your own car or coming via a bus, if either, you may have to show some proof of booking for either the rental or the bus.

  6. As an Indian citizen availing the UAE VoA facility at DXB, I am thinking about going to Khasab/Musandam in Oman from Dubai. Assuming my return flight to India is from DXB, will I need to get another UAE visa to come back from Khasab or does the visa issued at DXB allow for multiple entries? I presume I will also need an Omani visa. Is that available on arrival at the Khasab land border crossing?


    • Yes, the UAE VoA is an one time entry visa. Even Oman provides VoA for Indians with US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia and Japan, additional FYI – Oman Tourism has sent an email to travel agents mentioning “Oman visa on arrival can also be availed by the spouse (husband/wife) and children of the visa holder of any of these six mentioned c ountries as long as they are accompanying him/her, even if they do not hold a visa from these countries.”

  7. Hi Venkatesh,

    I have a question. I have B1/B2 visa on my indian passport. I’m travelling from Jaipur to Dubai on 15th December. I have return ticket from Dubai on 6th Jan (roughly 21 days from the date I land in Dubai). Although I will be travelling to Muscat by road on the 21st of December and returning back to Dubai by road on 26th December. So technically speaking my stay won’t cross 14 days for both periods.

    My question is will this be a problem when I arrive at Dubai Airport on the 15th of December, as my return ticket will be 21 days later? (Even if i explain that I will be travelling by road to Oman and I have Oman visa)

    Second question, do you need to show them a return ticket leaving dubai when applying for 14 day visa on arrival?

    Really looking forward to your answer. Please advise.

  8. Hi,
    I have a valid US C1/D visa and i have been grated the 96hr transit visa of emirates many times in past for joining vessel. i intend to visit dubai for 3-4 days for personal reasons. am i eligible for VoA?
    plz reply either here or to my email id. wd be much appreciated.

  9. Great Job Venkatesh.

    I have a query and wish you can help.

    My Wife has Valid B1/B2. However, need to stay in DXB for more than 14 days (20 days to be specific). Will there be any penalties for overstay of 6 days? if yes, What?

    In few posts above, it is mentioned that there is 10 days grace period for Indians. Wanted to understand if this grace period really exists ? And if there are any penalties for this?


    • Hi Amit,
      I have not used the extension much, but it is not quite a difficult procedure. What I would do is land in Dubai and at the counter inform the immigration office that you intend to stay in Dubai for 20 days and if there was a need to do an extension there, if the immigration officer confirms the 10 day grace period, as many have stated so, you’re safe.

      Hope this helps.

      If it’s leisure trip, use the entertainer app, quite good array of discounts and also take a look at the Dubai city pass.

      Enjoy your trip!

  10. Thank you for posting so many experiences about visa on arrival in UAE. Its really appreciative. Please help me out on this. I am travelling via a luxury cruise liner MSC cruises from Mumbai To Dubai. Its their first voyage on this route. Being the holder of valid US visa B1/B2 i wish to apply for visa on arrival at the cruise terminal in UAE. Is this facility available for entry through cruise ports also? As my MSC cruise agent is not aware and telling me to apply for multiple entry cruise visa worth Rs 7000 for my trip.
    If anyone travelling through MSC or Celebrity cruise liner from india to uae this december holding valid US visa can also clarify. Please HELP

  11. Hi ,This is very helpful information as I have to urgently travel to Dubai and do not have time for visa processing.The travel agents were not particularly helpful nor the airlines .

    I have a valid B1.B2 US visa and plan to stay in Dubai for a week at a friends place . Is it necessary to provide any documents like invitation letter etc? Could you please confirm. TIA

  12. HI,

    I am an Indian national having valid US B1/B2 VISA(haven’t traveled to US yet). We are planning to visit Oman first and then enter Dubai via road from Oman.

    Are we eligible for VOA in this case when we enter Dubai via road ?


  13. I will be traveling to Dubai via Emirates and would like stay in Dubai for a day before departure, I have an European visa and by this i am assuming i am applicable for visa on arrival.

    Can you please let me know what documents do i need to carry with me for visa on arrival ??

  14. Hi am traveling to Dubai from the 21st Dec 2018 to 8th January 2019 (18 DAYS). In the past I have used the VOA at both Dubai and Sharjah as they trips were less than 14 days (have a valid US VISA). This time round, can still opt for the VOA & then opt for an extension or get a VISA for 30 days before arrival from Delhi or VOA and 10 day grace for exit. Will appreciate any help on this. Is the extension fee AED 250?
    Thank you

    • You’re only over staying by 4 days, Indians are being given a grace period for free, you can confirm this at the immigration counter with the Immigration Officer.

  15. I have a valid I 797 form valid for 18 months and expired GC and a valid indian passport, Does anyone have any experience getting Dubai VOA they were waiting for their 10 years GC to come? I will be travelling from USA to Dubai.

  16. I would like to address 2 questions found frequently on this blog post:

    Q1 – Indian availing VOA at Sharjah
    Q2 – can I get UAE VOA twice within a short time

    Question 1 – How to get VOA at Sharjah airport:

    I recently availed Visa on Arrival facility at Sharjah airport. I am an Indian citizen and USA Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card holder). I am sharing my Sharjah VOA experience below:

    [1] Upon arrival at Sharjah airport, you will visit the SATA desk (Sharjah Airport Travel Agency) –

    [2] Though the VOA fees are 100 AED, SATA charges a total of 140 AED (Marhaba at Dubai airport charges 120 AED)

    [3] I told the SATA help desk that I am a Indian citizen and USA green Card holder – I need UAE visa on arrival. Note: Sadly, many people at these agencies do NOT understand that a Green Card supersedes USA Visa stampings on the passport. The SATA person kept mentioning to me that my USA visa in my passport is not valid – I had to keep telling him that the Green Card details are not stamped on the passport. After 10 mins of explanation, the SATA official was still not convinced. However, he charged me 140 AED for VOA paperwork (I paid by credit card)

    [4] The SATA official accompanied me to a Sharjah Government desk where the SATA agent gave his credit card and paid 100 AED and issued me a VOA receipt.

    [5] With the SATA paper document (bullet 3) and the 100 AED VOA receipt (bullet 4), I stand in the immigration exit queue (where they take your photo and scan your passport).

    [6] Sharjah Govt official looks at my passport and all the expired USA visa pages and tells me I am not eligible for VOA. I had to tell him that USA Green Card supersedes any visa stampings. The official keeps looking for GC details on my passport – he was expecting a passport page that had that information. Luckily, I was carrying this printout with me – where it clearly states:
    Indian citizens holding regular passports with U.S. visas, green cards, U.K Resident Permits, or EU resident permits are allowed to receive entry visa upon arrival to UAE valid for 14 days and can be extended only once for a similar period. The Indian Passport, U.S. visa, the green card,the U.K Resident Permit and the EU resident permit must be valid for at least six months.

    [7] The Sharjah govt official was still not convinced – he kept saying that my USA visa is not valid. After seeing the above printout and me repeatedly explaining my side, the Sharjah Govt official seeks counsel from 2 other officials. At least one of those 2 officials was knowledgeable enough to understand what was going on and told the original officer to scan the Green Card and input Green Card expiry dates into the system.

    [8] After about 20 mins at the counter, I was stamped VOA on my passport.

    Question 2 – can I get VOA twice within a short time – In other words, if you leave UAE and reenter UAE within a short span will there be any issues?

    In my case I came in to Dubai from ORD – availed VOA at Dubai and after 7 days stay in Dubai I went to Tbilisi, Georgia. I reentered UAE via Sharjah after 3 days and got my VOA at Sharjah airport (detailed above). I had absolutely no problems with VOA at Dubai airport – the Marhaba traveldesk (where you pay 120 AED to get VOA paperwork) as well as the Dubai Airport Immigration officials clearly understood what the Green Card is and why Green Card holders do not have any Green Card details stamped on the passport.

    Important Notes:

    [1] Many officials (be it airport staff or government) are completely ignorant about what the USA Green Card is and how it supersedes any USA visa stampings (or lack of it) on your passport. I think this is because of the fact that UAE residents have there “resident visa” information stamped on their passport and this information on the passport is the same information found on the Emirates ID. Most airline officials in UAE airports and the UAE govt officials are looking for a similar situation with USA Green Cards – they seem to think that the Green Card validity period or Green Card will be stamped in the passport – which unfortunately is not the case

    [2] A bad experience with Air Arabia – information/details/rants here:


  18. Hello Folks,

    I heard, this facility is also extended for Indian Passport Holders with EU Residence Permit. Did any one with EU Residence Permit manged to get on arrival visa?
    Information will be highly appreciated and will ease the concern.



    • Didn’t use it personally, but in October when I was using this, the gentleman in front of me, used his UK Residency to get it, no issues at all.

  19. Hi ,

    I have booked Vancouver to dubai flight then Dubai to Mumbai, same route while coming. So is it possible for me to get VoA twice? I have a valid B1/B2 visa valid till 2028 and I am an Indian citizen.

  20. Hi, I am currently on a 14-day VoA (landed in Dubai on the 18th November) and I wish to opt for the 14-day one-time extension. Can I get this done online? or do I have to go back to the airport to pay for the extension?

    There is no information available online.

    Your help is appreciated!

      • Thank you, Friend.

        It can be done from any of the AMER Center(s) or the General Directorate Of Residency and Foreign Affairs at Terminal 3. However, even though the official website states that the 14-day extension costs AED 250, by visiting both the aforementioned centers I was told AED 525.

        Also, Indian Nationals have a ‘grace’ period of 10 days to exit the country after the VoA expires (as told by the Officer at General Directorate Of Residency and Foreign Affairs at Terminal 3) so If I entered Dubai in the 18th October I can leave by 11th December.

  21. I recently renewed my US visa on Indian passport and haven’t travelled to the US after renewing, will getting a Visa on arrival for UAE based on my renewed US visa be an issue ?

  22. Hi…

    I have a valid US visa and my son aged 15 yrs is travelling along with me. Will it suffice if I just take the visa for my son and I take VOA.


  23. Hi my wife & me are travelling to Dubai on 23 nov
    We both have valid US visa
    For On arrival visa do we need any documents required other than Valid passport & USA visa

    How much time it takes at Marhabba counter to pay fees

    Do they accept Indian credit card!

    Will appreciate clarification on above

    • 1. No other documents needed.
      2. Time at Maraba counter varies as per traffic on the day. You can use their Meet & greet services (costs additional) which gives you fast track immigration if you’re not flying business/first.
      3. Yes. They accept all Visa/Master/Amex/Diners. P.S: They’ll ask you INR or Dirhams, choose Dirhams, their currency rate sucks! Easily ~4% costlier.

  24. Hi. My mum is travelling from Bombay on Jet airways. She has a US B1/B2 visa valid till 2025 but has since renewed her passport which is now valid till 2026. Just wanted to know if its fine if visa is on your old passport and you are travelling on your new passport. Heard some mixed reviews on that. Appreciate your reply.

  25. My daughter aged 28 holding UAE Tourist visa planning to go to Dubai from Kochi next week. She is a professional graduate. Hope there is no issues at Kochi Airport for travelling alone as she will be staying there in Dubai with her nephew. Request your kind guidance

  26. Hello,

    Really valuable info. Highly appreciate it. How about EU resident visa holder ? I would like to stay Dubai for 4 nights . I confirmed with Emirates airline and they said that EU and UK Residence holders are able to apply VoA Dubai. Did any one already tried doing this with EU Residence permit.



    • This is an additional comment on the subject and not related to your post. I am right now in Dubai, where I broke my journey to India from United States. After getting down from the Emirates aircraft, I had to get down to the ground floor and take a train to another terminal. There are frequent trains that are free and not crowded. We had to get down at the very next stop. After getting out of the train, first go to the right to a well marked current exchange count and get foreign exchange of 120 AED i.e. Dirhams per head. This is required for the visa processing. The Nathan’s counter DOES NOT ACCEPT DOLLARS OR ANY OTHER CURRENCY. Next go to the opposite side to the Marhaba counter i.e. on the left side after getting out of the train. Here, u can show your passport and US visa. After giving your flight number and posing the visa fee of 120 AED per head, a visa will be issued to you. After getting the visa go to the visa on arrival counters and join any queue to get your visa stamped.
      On passing through the counter, you can proceed to collect your baggage. The baggage belt is shown on the TV display board against each flight number. So, retain your boarding pass just to remember your flight number.

      • Thank you for the information Arun.
        Since you have alredy travelled recently, I’m asking my doubts again.
        I’m travelling to Dubai this November. I’m holding a US B1/B2 visa and planning to get a VOA however my husband is getting a prior visa. Do you think I would be able to acquire my VOA smoothly???
        Will they have any restrictions??

      • Hi

        Thanks for the detailed post.

        Couple of questions ( to all who have gotten VOA at Dubai):

        1 Could you elaborate on Nathan’s Counter (couldn’t you have done it with Marhaba)

        2 the original post says one can pay cash or card, but your post suggests one cannot do Card. Have things changed?


  27. Hi,
    i am travelling to Dubai in November’18 and am currently holding a US B1 B2 visa. Can i apply a visa on arrival. Do i need to make prior approvals for acquiring the visa on arrival?

      • Just want to thank you for making these clarifications.
        im travelling with 2 other people and they don’t have US visa. They are applying online….so im a little petrified of what if i don’t get it on arrival. Do they give these VOAs for all or do they have some restrictions??

        • I don’t think there are any restrictions. We traveled last year. Just headed over to the Marhaba counter and they checked our passports and issued the visas on payment. That’s it. Nothing more to it. We were worried too. But, don’t worry. In case your US Visa is in an older passport, carry that along too.

        • i am doing this as my routine travel to dubai bi-weekly.
          So No worries, I am travelling today as well.

          Will post you if they are not allowing me in

          • Hi. I have a valid US visa on my Indian passport and have to enter Dubai twice in 2 days. Once for a 10 hour layover and then second time for a period of 5 days. Is it possible to do that on the basis of the US visa? I hope the second time entry will not be a problem. Please could you help respond swiftly?

            • Hi Sam,

              Can you share your experience on getting the 2nd VOA within a period of 5 days? Did you face any issues/questions? Did you pa 120 AED each for the first and second VOA


                • Thanks Venkatesh. In this situation (getting 2nd VOA within week’s time), do you pay 120 AED the second time or 250AED.

                  The reason I ask is this – the VOA for 14 days in 120 AED and the extension os 250 AED according to this page

                  In my case, I will be entering Dubai on 15 Nov (the 1st VOA will be valid till 29th Nov), However, I am exitting UAE on 22nd Nov and re-entering UAE on 25th Nov. So I am not sure if my 1st VOA will be cancelled when I exit UAE on 22nd Nov

                  Thanks in advance

  28. Hello Venkateh,
    My son is studying on H1B (study) visa in US and Indian passport holder. we planning a trip to Dubai during december 2018. Will my son be eligible for getting VOA at Dubai?? Thanks

  29. Hello,

    I have Indian Passport with b1/b2 US visa stamped. My wife and 3 year old kid also have b1/b2 us visa on their indian passport. I am going to avail VOA on 18 Oct for my travel from Kochi to Dubai. I will be going for 5 days with my family for tourism.

    Is there a requirement to have USD1500 equivalent amount in bank?

    I already have return tickets and hotel booking. What all will Indian immigration officer will check?


    • Shashank how was your expierence on VOA, my wife and 5 yr old have US B1 B2 visa on thier passports. Looking above all expierence planning for VOA for them, while I’m on evisa. Any worries or issues faced by you or for me to keep in mind

  30. Hello,

    I will be travelling to Mumbai via Dubai from US. I will need to pick up by baggage at Dubai and re checkin with the other airline as I have separate tickets.

    My H1B US Visa got expired but, I have an approved I797 extension for the next 3 years and, will be getting it stamped this time in India. If I show my passport and, the approved I797 extension will I be able to get the Visa on arrival at Dubai for Indians. Please kindly let me now.

    • No, i797 does not work. (They don’t know what a i797 approval is)
      Only a 6month+ valid US visa stamp in the passport is accepted.
      Technically, if they don’t see a valid US visa stamp in your passport, they can deny you to board in the US if you’re getting off at Dubai.
      If you’re flying through Emirates, you can apply for a 96 hour visa through Emirates under Manage Booking.

  31. Sir ,how about EU resident visa holder ? I would like to stay Dubai for 2 nights .VoA only US visa holder? I heard that EU and UK visa holders are able to apply VoA Dubai

    • Hi Sajeev,
      Even i am in the same Situation.
      Did you got any concrete answer on this. I cheked with emirates and they said yes you can get VoA. But still i want to confirm it. Lets keep updated if we find any concrete answers.


  32. Thanks so much for the info that Indians with u.s. visa can get dubai visa on’s NOWHERE written or advertised otherwise..I hope the rule is still valid on October 2018? Pls. Confirm

  33. Hi,

    Are there any conditions around getting the visa on arrival for Indians? For example, do you have to fly to Dubai via Emirates or fly directly from India?

    I am currently on a work assignment in Addis and will be flying to Dubai from Addis via Ethiopian airlines in December, so want to know if it’s still possible to get the VoA. I have the relevant US Visas valid for 10 years.

    Thank you!

  34. Hi, I am living in Brasil and i have a B1/B2 visa for 10 years but i never entered in USA.
    Now i am planing to go to india and on my return i would like to spend 3 days in Duabi.
    Is there any issue to get VoA in Dubai even though i never entered in USA???

  35. Hi venkatesh,
    Just a quick question, is the voa facility for Indian with (b1/b2) available if travel by road from Oman to UAE?

  36. Hi

    I have a question – can you get 2 different VOA in UAE.

    To elaborate, I plan to visit Dubai between 15th Oct and 1st Nov with a short 4 day roundtrip (Dubai to Europe) in between. Can I get a VOA on 15th Oct and then one more VOA on 25th Oct

    Are there any such restrictions.

    Thanks in advance

  37. Hi need a quick help.. can any category of US visa in an Indian passport get a Visa on Arrival in Dubai.
    visa valid for 5 years and passport valid for 7 yrs,

      • Wanted to clarify something confusing… my old US visa has only my single name And then FNU. On my New passport I have my full name which is slightly different from the old passport name . Is the US visa valid and will I get VOA without any hassle ?

  38. My Wife has US Visa issued on her maiden name and now she has new passport with post marriage name. Will she eligible for VoA, if we carry both original passport?

    • That isn’t a problem as long as you’re carrying both passport & also carry a copy of your marriage certificate if they ask.

  39. Hi, I am planning for a family holiday to Dubai and Abu dhabi in Dec 2018. I am booked on Oman Airways. Wife and Myself have a valid B1/B2 visa stamped on our passport, however, our infant baby do not have a US visa yet. Do I need to apply for her UAE visa before travel or, will they allow infant on VOA, in case both parents have valid US visas? Do you know where can I confirm this information. Thanks & regards,

    • There is an online chat facility for – Dubai Naturalization & Residency Department, they can answer this query or you could call them during regular working hours in Dubai.

        • Hi Gaurav,

          Were you able to get any information from the DNRD? The chat facility is not working for me, hence checking. I am also planning to travel with an infant, he doesnot have a US Visa yet while myself and my husband have a valid visa.

      • Hi, this facility isnt working for me. I tried calling the consulate in India but no luck. Did you, by any chance, get any further information on this? I am planning a vacation with my infant, and both parents have valid US visas but the infant doesnot have a US visa.

        • Try using the international toll free facility of Dubai Immigration called AMER – Toll Free (Int.): +971 4 313 9999

          I’ve not used it so if this works, please update, so others can also be aware.

    • A suggestion would be to obtain a US Visa also for your child by way of drop box with the US Embassy. I just did the same for both my daughters and they got a 10 year visa. A US Visa generally helps at a lot of places.

  40. hi, i am planning to travel to dubai for around 20 days. i have US visa with the validity of 10 yrs. i want to ask whether i have to come back after 14 days to airport to renew my uae visa or i can do that at the time of visa on arrival for 14 days?

  41. Hi,
    I am told now they have changed the rules and only if you have resident US visa they allow VoA and B1 US Visa is not valid for it? ANy info you have on it?

  42. I have my B1 in my old passport which is out of pages now and I am now travelling with a new passport. Do you think this would be a problem with the Visa on Arrival?

    Do you know how many times a year we can get VoA based on the B1? Are there limitations?

  43. Hi All ,

    I have a vaild us visit visa of 10 yrs validity.
    Can I get Visa on arrival for Dubai .
    Kindly suggest

    • Nopes just passport with the visa on it. If it’s in an another passport, both the passports are needed in original.

  44. I have a B1/B2 visa valid till 2020 but my passport is expired, is this valid for VoA. PS: will carry my renewed passport as well.

  45. Does the VOA takes 2-3 hrs in Dubai Airport.. Does any one has any experience of that.
    One of the Travel agent told me… it probably wrong information so want to confirm if anyone has experianced it.

    • @anil, it takes 20 minutes. Also, the travel agent was perhaps trying to get you to shell out 6500 rupees for their service vs 120 dirham which you pay for Visa on Arrival

    • Not at all. I’ve never seen huge queues at both Terminal 1 and 3. Don’t know about Terminal 2. Haven’t used it personally. Maybe he meant immigration queues which are long regardless of whether VoA or paper visa.

  46. I am Indian Passport holder. I have valid B1/B2 USA visa. I am planning to stay in Dubai while coming back from USA to India (I am flying through Emirates and taken 7 days hault at Dubai).

    I want to know if I can avail visa on arrival at Dubai while travelling from USA? Or Visa on arrival only from passengers coming from India to Dubai?

    Also what is the current rate for on arrival Visa?


  47. Hi – Is this Visa on Arrival Single Entry or Multiple Entry ? I am there for 14 days but may need to go outside UAE for a few days during that time. Will I have to pay visa fee again when I return back to Dubai within the 14 day validity period ?

  48. What about without US visa? I have a student visa from Australia, does that count? I am an Indian. How does that work? I am going there for 10 days and staying with a friend. I am confused as to apply for a visa online or do VoA. I don’t want to get stuck there.

  49. @All – Please note post the introduction of 5% VAT, the Marhaba service fee is 21 so total cost is 121AED. Saw a lot of people struggle with having no change when handing over cash.

  50. what meharba has to do with it?do they ask you to pay extra for their meet and greet service?2 95.5 aed extra(minimum) mandatorily ?
    poonam tiwari

    • The Meet & Greet service isn’t included in the 21 AED fee they charge alongwth 100 for the visa.

  51. Hi, everyone talks about the extension, but I really want to know how the extension can be done.
    I’ve used the 14 day VOA twice, but this time, I plan to stay for 24-28 days.
    I tried looking up the information and I even asked the Marhaba counter last visit but they didn’t have the exact information. They just said it can be done, they didn’t know how.

    1) Where do I file this extension? Which Office? Or Online?
    2) Do I really get those 10 days grace period after 14 days, and then renew for 4 days (to make it a total of 28 days)? (this was told to me by a random guy at the visa office at the airport)
    3) All the posts say AED 250 for extension, but when I asked the same visa office above, they said AED 500 to extend.

    • For extension, you can go to General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs office on Terminal 3, Arrivals section of the Dubai Airport. You can go on the second last or the last day of visa expiry i.e 13th or 14th day (That’s what the immigration officer told me while entering)
      I went there for an extension but they advised me that there is a 10 day grace period post 14 days, so I would not need to extend or pay for extension, since I needed to stay for total 21 days.
      Only if you need to stay more than 14+10 = 24 days, you need to pay for extension.

      • So if one were to enter dubai on the 4th of September on 14 day visa on arrival they would be able to leave dubai on the 27th without having to pay any extra fees or fines? Is this a firm rule or is this one of those things where it depends on the mood of the immigration officer.

      • Hi Sir,
        Is the grace period of 10 days still available after 14 days?

        My daughter got 14 days VOA on 09 Nov, but she is going back on 25 Nov after 17 days. Nobody is confirming it & it is causing us anxiety. Please share recent experience.

        And how much would it cost for extension & where to go?

        • One can stay in UAE for 14+10 days on Visa on arrival – confirmed today from Passport Control Customer Care at Arrivals of Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport, without taking any extension.

          This info is not available anywhere else, even on Tollfree number of Immigration Department.

  52. i have a valid c1d US visa on my indian passport, am i eligible for visa on arrival in abudhabi?
    and do i need to have a return ticket to show; just in case?

  53. Hi,

    Whats the Dubai VoA fees for 28 days. Is it 250 AED in total or 100 AED (14 days) + 250 AED (additional 14 days) = 350 AED.


  54. I have entered Abu Dhabi with visa on arrival which is valid for 14 days. Can I extend the days for another 10 days? When contacted the immigration, they say its automatically eligible for 10 days more stay after the 14 days. Can you please confirm this?

  55. For VOA eligibility, does it matter what type of US visa you have? DO they accept H1B US visa? Do you need to have return ticket or onward flight ticket for them to give you the entry to UAE based on VOA?

  56. I have a L2 visa and planning to travel to Dubai from India in July. Is L2 visa eligible for VOA ? I have a valid L2 visa for 4yrs more.

  57. Hi Ajay,

    I have a B1/ B2 Valid USA Visa, but I have not travelled as yet. Do I still get Dubai 14 day Visa.

    I plan to go very soon to Dubai..

  58. Hi Ajay,
    This might sound a dumb Question . My B1/B2 is in my old passport. Which has expired. I have already got a new passport on which I have already travelled to US and Europe. So do they consider this . Also the fees in the pic was shown 100 Dh whereas u were charged 120.

    • No problem just Carry both passports,as long as Ur b1/b2 visa has 6 months validity,my parents had the same issue,visa on expired passport,no issues whatsoever
      And the fee is 120dh,I was charged 121dh(with tax I guess)

  59. I have a valid C1/D visa which is required for a crew of airlines or ship joining in US,am i eligible for VOA at UAE

  60. Hi can you tell me that once I took this VOA after exit to other country,while return transit to Abudhabi is it possible to take this once again with 120aed.

    • I am an Indian having us visaB1 /B2 for 10 years.on my trip to US I want to avail voi on onward journey for 14 days and 14 days voi on my return after 15 days and how much I will have to pay for this

  61. Their website (UAE) states that the US visa must be valid for at least 6 months when you enter. That causes me to worry because I will be filing for an H1B extension by April 1 and while I enter Dubai, around April 20, my USA visa would only be valid for around 5 months. Will this cause an issue? That should have been specified in the website. I seem to have no other alternative as the UAE consulate in USA doesn’t accept the visa application as I am Indian and have VOA eligibility. Does anyone know what would happen in this case?

    • You are not eligible for VOA. Your US visa affixed on passport should have min 6 months validity on the date of arrival no matter you have applied for renewal or filing for HIB extension etc.. These are not consideration for UAE Immigration people.


  62. Thank you for posting your experience online and it was helpful. Sharing my parents experience at Sharjah airport on 18 Mar 2018. Both are having vaid B1/B2 visas. Process was smooth process took only 10-15 min. Total cost for the two visas was 210 AED. Only passport required for the visa.

    • Did they need to submit any documents online (passport copy, photo etc.) before departure to be eligible for VoA? Or you don’t need any of this and you can simply land in Dubai and get the VoA as mentioned in this article without any initial online application?

  63. Dear Ajay,

    Thanks for sharing your experience, i would like to know, i am pakistani passport holder and currently carrying B1/B2 multiple visa for next 5yrs, so am i eligible for visa on arrival, as it is quite annoying to apply online and then wait for almost 2 to 3 days to get the visa. So my question is, is it applicable for pakistani passport holders or can you refer me to an appropriate place where i can find out the same.
    Thanks once again.

  64. My wife and I are traveling on the same PNR to dubai. While I am eligible for VOA, she is not. Can I alone take VOA while she applied for a visa in Delhi before hand?

  65. Hi Ajay

    Few queries in case you can help:

    1> Me n wife already applied for visa online as a ‘family’. I have received my visa recently but my wife hasn’t. Our journey is 5 days away. So in case the visa does not arrive before travel date, can I go ahead and get her VOA done? Is it possible to get VOA when your application is still under process?

    2> Will Indigo allow to board her without a valid visa? Although the ticket is under same PNR.

    It has been 16 days now since we applied and still the visa is not yet done. I don’t know why people say that UAE visa gets done in 3-4 days.

    Thanks in advance

    • @Roy Indigo should not have a problem as long as your wife holds a valid US Visa. As for VOA in Dubai, I didn’t notice Marhaba staff verify anything on their systems. All they wanted was a Green card or a valid US Visa. But best to double check.

  66. Hi what abt this “ok to board approval” for visa on arrival travellers? Airlines used to ask for return tickets and visa copy earlier,that process is done with?

  67. Ajay, I had similar experience to yours. Got a quick Dubai VoA by paying AED 200 due to having a valid US visa on my passport.

  68. I find the process in Qatar to be faster and cheaper. Just head on up to an immigration officer on arrival, present your Indian passport, get your photos and iris scan taken and you’re welcome to Qatar.

    Oh, I didn’t forget to mention how much it costs, there is simply No charge. Yup, visa cost is 0.

    I think, making passengers use marhaba is quite sneaky on the part of Dubai. For those who don’t know, Marhaba is an Emirates group company.

      • Qatar and UAE are two different countries, engaged in a silly dispute. I didn’t mean Qatar as in Qatar Airways (QR).

        My point was that the process in the country of Qatar is much easier, simpler and faster than in UAE.

      • Another additional point I want to add is the usage of Marhaba, making the passenger pay 20Dhs extra to Emirates group, whereas in AUH you can make the payment directly at the immigration counter with a Visa/Master/Amex/JCB/CUP

        • @Venkatesh I don’t know why you are taking offence to that? If someone has to go to Dubai, that is their only option to pay 120 Dirham for VoA or 5K upwards for a pre-approved Visa. If you go to Abu Dhabi and then come to Dubai to save the 20 AUH you’d spend a lot more time and money travelling as well, right? No one is skimming you, that is just the way Dubai decided to do things.

          • I never said they were skimming, I just said this is the sneaky way Dubai is making money on top of a Federal administered fee, by packaging it as a service; despite the customer not having a choice, like you aptly pointed out.

          • And, this thing only applies to those who have an US visa, a majority of visitors to Dubai, do not have this. Thereby, this is a very limited service catering to a very small percentage of Indian population that visits Dubai.

            • Hello Venkatesh,
              Have a B1/B2 USA visa , travelling from Canada to visit parents in Dubai arriving on 27th Nov and returning on 12th Dec, but days calculate to 15 will I have to pay fine and fee of one overstay or does it make sense to get an extension of 28 days or pay the 100 aed fine

              • 15 days shouldn’t be a problem.
                I have personally traveled twice for 15 and 16 days with my VOA with no fine or issues at all.
                The first time I was concerned and went to renew it right at the airport, and one of the guys explained to me that after the 14th day, there’s a grace period of 10 days for all VOA, and the renewal will give you 14-10=4 days (which is still 14+14=28 days).

    • Did you need to submit any documentation online to receive the VoA for Qatar? Or you simply landed there without any prior online documentation process and got the VoA on the spot?

  69. In fact, better to apply for US Visa than to take a paper visa to UAE now.
    That’s what I did for my family for my upcoming trip to Abu Dhabi.
    Cost for 3 US Visa was almost the same as cost for 4 paper visa to Abu Dhabi and you save on the hassles too.
    Will also help that they now have US visa already for any future trip for us.

    • I used the US visa also to get in Singapore & Philippines and didn’t pay anything at all. These two along with Dubai visa cost has already more than paid for my US visa and this is ignoring my yearly USA trip.

  70. Hi Ajay,
    I used the VoA service at Abu Dhabi airport. It was done at immigration desk itself and the official asked me to pay 100AED in card transaction (no cash allowed, as per him). It does take time though, similar to your experience but convenient for sure.

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