Flash Sale: JetPrivilege 40% bonus to buy JPMiles

Yesterday, JetPrivilege rolled out an offer to customers who are in the market to buy JPMiles. As per the new promotion, JetPrivilege is offering 40% bonus miles if you buy at least a minimum of 5000 JPMiles in a transaction from them.

Buy JPMiles with 40% bonus

40% bonus JPMiles on buying 5000+

This special promotion is on only through tomorrow, December 6, 2017. The usual cost of buying JPMiles is 1.25 INR + 18% GST per JPMile (INR 1.475 net). Under this promotion, it becomes 1.053 per JPMile including Taxes. The base miles will be credited immediately while the bonus 40% comes to you within a week.

Usually, with JetPrivilege promotions, they offer a tiered promotion, but this time it is a flat promotion so I chose to write about it. JetPrivilege frequently runs these promotions, and they have in the past offered even a 50% bonus on buying JPMiles.

Given I try and redeem JPMiles for valuation over INR 1 (last minute redemptions), if I’d be in the market for JPMiles I’d have bought these. There is another way to get JPMiles for less than 1 INR by buying a magazine subscription.  However, with a healthy balance accumulated right now, I won’t be in the market to buy some more. But if you are, head into your account and buy now.


  1. Hi Ajay

    I think it is a targeted offer. I got that email. In the terms and conditions, it was mentioned that it is applicable only for those who receives the offer through email.

    Pls check

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