Fly Business Class in India for 2500 Rupees (40$)

If you’ve always wanted to try out Business Class but haven’t yet gotten around to doing it, there are some excellent fares that Jet Airways is offering, which is currently as low as INR 3000 on various sectors. Here is the link to the prices.

These fares are being offered on some segments only, and are a good mix of short and long segments, such as Mumbai – Vadodara (going at INR 3500), Aizwal – Guwahati (for INR 2300) and Mangalore – Delhi. Take a look below. In many cases, it is cheaper to fly Business than to fly Economy.

Jet Airways Business Class Prices

Jet Airways Business Prices

Here is the whole list.

There are no dates to when these fares expire, and you can book as far as 12 months out. However, the only condition is that the tickets should be booked at least a month before travel to get these special fares.

What do you get?

Well, for starters, this is a great opportunity to sample the Business Class product. Jet Airways’ Business Class does continue to have a good reputation. The seats are big, the meals nice and the service courteous. On some airports, you get lounge access as well.

Business Class Meals

Business Class Meals

These are some great fares to try out Business, so book away on Jet Airways.

Are you planning to make use of these excellent fares for flying out on Business Class?


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