Smart Luggage Ban on Jet Airways from January 15

Following a direction from the global airline grouping IATA, Jet Airways has notified that it will implement a smart luggage ban, which includes devices with non-removable batteries on its aircraft from January 15, 2018.

Smart Luggage Ban

As per IATA, smart bags/smart luggage include devices with integrated lithium batteries, motors, power banks, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, RFID or Wi-Fi technology. Bags with a lithium battery will only be accepted if it is possible to remove the battery.

The move, effective from January 15, is being implemented after the International Air Transport Association (IATA) banned any such baggage on a passenger aircraft across the world.The IATA had last month announced that their Dangerous Goods Board did not allow for smart luggage to be carried on passenger flights as of this date.

Here are the rules framed by Jet Airways, as posted on their website:

  • The battery of the smart luggage must be removed. Luggage with a non-removable battery will not be permitted onboard either as part of cabin baggage or check-in baggage.

  • In case of smart luggage being checked in, the battery for the same must be uninstalled. As per IATA once the battery is uninstalled, the same can be carried as part of cabin baggage only.

  • In case of smart luggage being carried as cabin baggage, the battery must be uninstalled and carried inside the Cabin Baggage and must not be reinstalled in the smart luggage until arrival at the destination.

  • Guests are responsible for removal of the battery from the smart luggage, and the check-in staff shall ensure the same is done before check-in.

The airline will not be liable for any damage/malfunction of the smart luggage in any form due to un-installation or re-installation, the advisory added.

Jet Airways is not the first airline to have made this move. Many carriers across the world have already made a move to ban Smart Luggage. Over the past few days, major carriers such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Qantas, British Airways have issued similar regulations. I am just wondering when Air India will ban smart luggage as well? It’s about time.


I have seen at least three smart bags in the past month in Indian airline cabins. It is not a big deal yet, but sure a trend that is catching on around the world, especially the USA.


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