Small Luxury Hotels of the World changes its Referral Programme

Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) of the world is a consortium of  500+ boutique properties across 80 countries. It even runs a membership program under the name INVITED. Last year, I wrote about how you could earn up to 3 free nights under their Refer a Friend Programme.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

It was quite simple. All that the SLH INVITED had to do was simply log-in to their Member profile at and submit a friend’s email address. You could invite 3 friends who would be new to the INVITED program.

The recommended friends had to join the INVITED program and complete a stay with an INVITED qualifying rate code. Once your friend completes their stay, a complimentary night unique voucher code would be sent your account. The complimentary night code is valid for a period of one year and could be used used to book a stay at any SLH hotels for a standard double room accommodation for two people.

While most of the properties in the SLH portfolio are expensive, there are some beautiful hotels in the 100 Dollars range. Earlier the SLH referral program stated no restriction on the number of nights or minimum spend.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World This seems to have changed now. Earlier this month,  Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) sent out emails to members informing them of the changes to the SLH Refer a Friend Programme.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Earlier, the free night certificate could be used at any SLH hotel. Now considering that a majority of SLH hotels are expensive properties this was a very good deal. So your friend could book a 100 Dollars night in Malaysia and you could redeem your free night in the Maldives where SLH resorts are priced at an average of 1,500 US Dollars a night.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

With new change your referrals must book a minimum 200 US Dollars stay for members to earn a free night. This means that no longer can your referral book the cheapest SLH hotel for you to avail a free night. And it seems the change was done long ago, and the notifications have been only sent out now.


Clearly, this is not positive news but I’d say it’s still not a bad deal considering there is still no maximum value assigned to the complimentary night certificate. SLH properties are usually high end priced at a few hundred dollars a night. This change only sounds logical to me where SLH is seeking a minimum commitment from new guests, in turn allowing members to enjoy a free night at any SLH across the world.

What has been your experience with the referral program of SLH?



  1. Does anyone know if this program has been scrapped? I want to refer a friend but don’t see a link to be able to refer him.

  2. they are not properly honouring! They have removed the refer a friend programme in their website.
    And recently they are terminating those accounts that has successfully achieve the requirement, will all sort of ridiculous reasons.
    Beside, they won’t reply your email if you ask about the benefit of the tiers, says birthday gift. Not even a “NO”.

  3. AJ,

    Does a spouse qualify as a friend in this example? One could book in one’s spouse name, stay with him/her; get a free voucher code and then redeem it still at a relatively high end property?


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