Jet Airways 5000 JPMiles for a Domestic Roundtrip

Jet Airways has been on a roll recently. They are doing all sorts of promotions which are amazing. Last year, they offered extra tier-points, which is a promotion that was valid through January 2018. You got an extra tier-point in Economy for a roundtrip and two extra tier-points in Premiere for a roundtrip.

Jet Airways is also offering 15000 JPMiles for a roundtrip booking on Jet Airways international operations, which needs to be booked up by February 5, 2018, to be able to benefit from the promotion. But there a third new promotion now which will benefit all the domestic fliers of Jet Airways as well, based in India!

Jet Airways Boeing 737

Jet Airways 5000 JPMiles Bonus

Jet Airways is offering a 2500 bonus JPMiles per PNR in Economy and 5000 bonus JPMiles per PNR in Premiere, on flying a revenue roundtrip booked on a single PNR for travel on eligible Jet Airways flights within India. Flights include all Jet Airways and JetLite flights. The bonus you get is good enough for one trip to Goa from Mumbai.

Jet Airways 5000 JPMiles

The booking period for this promotion is between January 30, 2018, and February 12, 2018. The travel period for this promotion is between January 30, 2018, and April 15, 2018. So if you book flights now and complete your roundtrips by April 15, 2018, you could easily take another 2500 to 5000 JPMiles more on your roundtrips with Jet Airways. The bonus JPMiles will be credited within one week of completion of the return journey.

One quirk of the promotion is, you would have to have the same routing to earn the bonus. So if you go Mumbai-Delhi-Lucknow-Delhi-Mumbai on the same PNR, you get the bonus JPMiles. But if you go Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai-Pune, you don’t get the bonus JPMiles. Just advisable to book the last segment separately in this case. Also, the promotion is not applicable for E and G class bookings. You’d anyways never get G class unless you make group bookings.

Another quirk is mixed cabin bookings. If you book Business Class, let’s say, Mumbai to Delhi, and Economy Class on the way back Delhi to Mumbai, you will get the economy class miles as per travel in Economy cabin.


This is a great promotion is all I can say. You could be getting 5,000 JPMiles for doing nothing much but taking a round trip on Jet Airways.

Are you making any bookings with Jet Airways for this promotion? I am going to plan my itineraries now!


  1. I’ve received this email,but was unable to locate it in either JetPrivilege or Jet Airways website. Therefore, I doubt whether it is a targeted offer.

    Again if you are travelling in multiple sectors, I think bonus JP miles will be given only once. In the given example of Mumbai – Delhi – Lucknow – Delhi – Mumbai, I think we will get bonus jp miles only once. But if you book as two different return journey as to Mumbai to Delhi and Delhi to Lucknow, you will get bonus jp miles twice ie. For each PNR.

    And book using HDFC smartbuy for double delight.

    Ajay, please correct me if I’m wrong

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