Lufthansa New Livery #LufthansaBlue out now!

Lufthansa has been equivalent with German consistency, and while their livery has evolved over the years, the crane has always been a part of the airline’s existence since 1918, the year it was born. But now there is almost certainly time for a Lufthansa new livery.

This month, on February 7, Lufthansa is supposed to launch a new livery with the carrier’s famous trademark which took birth a hundred years ago. There has been much buzz about what the livery will look like. But look no further, because we present to you the new livery of Lufthansa, on a Boeing 747. Let’s just call it the refreshed livery for there is nothing new about it.

It looks just like the Airbus livery, except it is on a Boeing 747-8i. The yellow has gone on the tail, replaced by a shade of silver, but everything else looks the same on the outside. It is noted that the airline will launch new uniforms for crew later in the year to match the new livery.

Lufthansa New Livery

Lufthansa New Livery

Lufthansa New Livery

This move is just improvisation and a lazy job to be called a rebranding. Just a refresh of the livery in my book. Something I hope they don’t spend millions on to put out on various aircraft in a rush. Personally, I don’t hate this one bit. If there is more, we find out next week about it.

Update: The leak forced Lufthansa to reveal the livery earlier than next week! Here is the video of the Reveal. The airline expects 40 tails to have the new livery by the end of the year.

What do you think of the new refreshed Lufthansa Livery? Love it? Hate it? Don’t care much about it?


  1. As a senior marketing and global branding professional, I admire Lufthansa’s consistency and respect for its brand. It’s refreshed and modern-looking, but it is still the Lufthansa customers have grown to love, respect and understand. Well done!!!

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