Free Business Class seats with 1 Economy Class trip

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a new promotion from Jet Airways, which is offering a mind-boggling 15000 bonus JPmiles when you book your international ticket with Jet Airways. That is an equivalent for a free business class ticket worth INR 35,000 or more!

Jet Airways

To summarise, you book an international round trip in any class of service on Jet Airways (to Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe or North America), and travel between January 22 and April 22, 2018.

After April 22, 2018, you get 15,000 bonus JPMiles in your account.  It is a great promotion I think to start the year, given you have a good payback on these tickets.

Let’s say you book a ticket between Mumbai and London for travel on the dates mentioned above. Even if you booked yourself for the cheapest tickets, for a roundtrip, you get 15000 JPMiles and 2200 JPMiles for the flight.

JetPrivilege Calculator

Add to this the 250 JPMiles you get per sector for your booking directly on, and you are good to go!

  • Miles for flying between Mumbai and London Heathrow: 2234 JPMiles for the round trip
  • Miles for booking online: 500 JPMiles
  • Tier Bonuses as per your status with Jet Airways
  • Bonus JPMiles: 15000 JPMiles
  • Total: 17734 JPMiles

These are the number of miles per passenger flying who will have a JetPrivilege account. So if you are flying with your spouse and your kids, make it four times the miles in 4 different accounts (60000 JPMiles), and you can use the family pool to get them all in one account.

These are apart from the JPMiles you will get for booking using a Jet Airways credit card. Check our list of Beginners and Advanced Cards here.

Where is the Free Business Class ticket then?

It is right under your nose. Look below! This is the Mumbai – Delhi Business Class cabin on an Airbus A330-200 that usually sells for INR 35000.

Free Business Class Seat could be yours!

Jet Airways Premier Seat in Business Class

Here is where you can go in Business Class, from Mumbai:

  • Mumbai – Bangalore/Jodhpur: 13000 JPMiles o.w.
  • Mumbai – Delhi/Lucknow/Varanasi: 17000 JPMiles o.w.
  • Mumbai – Hyderabad/Goa/Udaipur: 10000 JPMiles o.w.
  • Mumbai – Jaipur: 14000 JPMiles o.w.

Or if you are willing to go in Economy, you can go much further:

  • Mumbai – Delhi: 17000 JPMiles is a roundtrip
  • Mumbai – Dubai: 15000 JPMiles oneway
  • Mumbai – Goa: 10000 JPMiles roundtrip

There are so many more places to go, and the JPMiles Calculator is an excellent place to start checking the potential of your miles.


If you have international travel for work or play coming up through April 2018, make sure you use this promotion and book your trip on right now! You need to purchase before February 5, 2018, which means you only have two more days to buy these tickets.

Where are you heading with this new Jet Airways promotion? The Summer vacations are almost here!


  1. The terms and conditions say “Applicable on all booking channels” – does that mean even through Smartbuy? So we can benefit from 10X as well?

  2. I had booked in the promo period. Does that mean if I am travelling with my wife and child and both of them have their jetprivilege account, I will together get 45000 jpmiles, even if the ticket is booked under same PNR?

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