Jet Airways Champagne to London/ Hong Kong changed

For the longest time I remember, Jet Airways has been serving the same Champagne on their Premiere flights across the globe. Billecart Salmon Brut has been the brand I most recognise with Jet Airways (due to the frequency of my trips with them!).

Billecart Salmon Jet Airways Champagne

On flights to London however, Jet Airways used to serve Bollinger Special Cuvee in Premiere and Bollinger La Grande Annee 2002 in First Class.

Bollinger Jet Airways Champagne

This is now changing, with Charles Heidseik being the new Champagne of choice on Jet Airways Business Class (Premiere) to London on board their five daily flights from Mumbai and Delhi to London Heathrow on board the Boeing 777-300ERs.

Charles Heidsieck Jet Airways Champagne

But that is not all. The other route which gets regular widebody traffic, the flights to Hong Kong will also see a switch on champagne. Jet Airways used to serve Billecart Salmon Brut on this segment in Premiere. This is now changing, with Taittinger being the new Champagne of choice on Jet Airways Premiere to Hong Kong on board their daily flights from Mumbai and Delhi to Hong Kong.

Taittinger Jet Airways Champagne

Taittinger is one champagne I love personally, so it is great that it has found its way on the Jet Airways menu on some flights.

On other routes so far, you continue to get Billecart Salmon Brut, a champagne I just pass now when it is served to me because it does not go well with my taste buds.

What do you think of the new champagnes making their way on Jet Airways international segments? Upgrades or downgrades for you?



  1. Hi Ajay,

    Completely unrelated to this post, but would you advise booking a ticket using the AMex Plat Jet Airways card on Jet Airways or the Amex website? Its a simple itinerary BOM-DEL-BOM

  2. Jet Airways Premium classes are a dump. Upping their game in champagne is not going to improve the experience. They need to refresh their cabins and upgrade their meal service first

  3. Ajay – I had been campaigning to change the Bollinger brand on the London flights since some time with Jet’s senior management. They had been serving the same brand since the last 9 straight years, perhaps the only international airline in the world which did not rotate an onboard business class beverage brand for so long. The new brands are a welcome change but I don’t know why they push a particular brand on a particular route and not rotate it across the network from time to time as it tends to become boring for frequent flyers on a particular route. Since they have the sourcing in place it should be easy to rotate across international sectors.

    what about First? the Bollinger La Grande has become dated and certainly not First class product.

  4. You do have a refined palate Ajay!
    Great changes to the champagne menu, but, Alas, I do miss the days they used to serve Dom!

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