Vistara gets Male Cabin Crew on Flights

Vistara, India’s newest full-service carrier, introduced their first male cabin crew into service a couple of days ago, a mix of an experienced and new crew, a couple of days ago. The new Vistara Cabin Crew is only to be met on select flights at the moment.

Vistara also unveiled an elegant uniform for its male cabin crew, which, as per them, is a fine blend of style, comfort, and functionality, designed by celebrated designer label Lecoanet Hemant. The female cabin crew uniform was designed by Abraham & Thakore and unveiled in 2014, prior to launch.

Vistara’s elegant male crew uniform is based on its brand colours. It includes a light lavender coloured shirt, along with midnight blue tailored-fit trousers and a classic, sleeveless Mandarin-collar jacket. Adding a dash of colour to the elegant attire is a pale gold pocket square. The uniform has been designed to visually and functionally complement Vistara’s unique, eye-catching, and practical female cabin crew uniform.

Vistara Cabin Crew

The airline states it has now reached the scale of operations to have mixed cabin crew on their flights. But it could also be in preparation for an international launch which will happen later this year.

More male cabin crew are already under training, so I’m hoping within a few months, it would become a common sight on Vistara to see male cabin crew in service as well. So far, Air India, Jet Airways and GoAir have been employing male crew, and IndiGo has still not changed their bent and only employed female cabin crew, in an effort to present a uniform image, and like some state, to keep the planes, lighter. 

What do you make of the new Vistara uniform for the male cabin crew? Personally, I find the uniform very elegant, and as if they are dressed to go out for a celebration. 

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