Wait What? Vistara lounge privileges include free drinks?

I’ve been flying Vistara on and off since 2015 when they took flight for the first time and have done dozens of trips with them since then. Vistara does an excellent job providing lounge privileges to their elite members, and also their business class customers. In Delhi, they have their own lounge at the gates as well, which is an excellent lounge for domestic passengers indeed. The Vistara Lounge at Mumbai Airport is my favorite, the GVK Lounge Domestic.

However, I heard something new this past week which sort of inspired this post, because I thought I was the only one who did not know this. Past Thursday, I was flying Vistara from Mumbai to Delhi, and as I walked into the GVK Lounge, I heard something for the first time.

While checking me into the Lounge, the reception told me I could get a free drink (wine or beer) from the bar, because I was flying Vistara. I sort of raised my eyebrow since this was news to me. I had never been offered a complimentary drink in the domestic lounge by any airline. Vistara’s own lounge in Delhi has still not received their liquor license. Hence, they haven’t started pouring drinks there.

A while later, I walked towards the Bar, enquiring again about the tie-up. I ran into the Lounge Manager, Shudeep, who is a very nice chap I’ve known for a while, and he told me this tie-up has been going on ever since Vistara joined the lounge.

I was surprised, none the less, and asked what my options were, and I was shown an array of red and white wines, and the house beer which I could enjoy free of cost. They noted down the details of my boarding pass and poured me the glass of wine I requested for.

Not a bad way to wait for a flight which was having creeping delays I’d say.

I’m not sure which other airports does Vistara offer drinks to their customers. I’ve only flown them from Mumbai, Delhi, and Amritsar, and this is the first time I earned me the free drink.

What has been your experience with Vistara regarding Lounge Access? Any other airports you get complimentary drinks at?


  1. I am at Delhi vistara lounge and as you said they do not have liquor licence but quite a range
    of mocktails

  2. This has been in place since long time now.. I fly 2-3 times a month and have however noticed that reception does not always tell you about this.

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