HDFC Bank Regalia Lounge Access Gets Better!

Earlier this year, cardholders of the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card got a cryptic SMS about their lounge access on the Priority Pass. We explained the policy here about how HDFC Bank stated that eight times a year Regalia Lounge Access was provided in India, using the credit card itself (MasterCard or Visa). For the international visits, you could use the Priority Pass that came along, and use them six times outside the country for free.

It turns out, after that announcement, HDFC Bank went ahead and made that a much better credit card. Here are some of the features they added to the card over the past few months.

Regalia Lounge Access

First and foremost, there are bonus points on offer. You can now accumulate a bonus of up to 15,000 HDFC Bank Regalia points every year on your spends. HDFC Bank initiated this benefit on April 1, 2018, so you can count your spend after April 1, 2018, for this benefit.

If you can spend INR 5 Lakh within one anniversary year, you get 10,000 bonus Reward Points. If you take up the spend to INR 8 Lakh within the year, you get another 5,000 bonus Reward Points, making it a total bonus of 15,000 bonus Reward Points. Your anniversary year is the 365 days from the day your fee gets billed every year.

Further, you will continue to earn 4 HDFC Bank RP/INR 150 on the card, and all reward points are valid for two years from the date of earning. As a reminder, each HDFC Bank Reward Point earn on the Regalia is worth INR 0.5 when used on the HDFC Bank Regalia website. So the total value of the 15,000 Reward Points is INR 7,500.

Similarly, on the HDFC Bank Regalia First, there are new spend benefits. You get 5,000 Reward Points for a spend of INR 3 Lakh within one anniversary year. When you spend another INR 3 Lakh (total of INR 6 Lakh), you get another 2,500 Reward Points, making the total bonus of 7,500 Reward Points. Each Regalia First Reward Point is worth INR 0.33, so 7,500 Reward Points make it to a value of approximately INR 2,500.

Regalia Lounge Access gets better

The Regalia, which used to offer 2 Lounge Access per calendar quarter (8 per annum), will now get you 12 domestic lounge access in a year, on both the MasterCard and Visa variants of the card. The international lounge access allowance remains six times a year, on the Priority Pass issued along with the Credit Card.

Similarly, the Regalia First now has lounge access for 8 visits per annum for the cardholder included.


This is a very good move for those who are customers of the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card or the Regalia First Credit Card. Regalia continues to be one of the biggest premium cards for HDFC Bank, and any new feature they add would make it worthwhile for their customers to hold to the card.

Do you have the HDFC Bank Regalia credit card? What has been your experience so far?

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  1. “For the international visits, you could use the Priority Pass that came along, and use them six times outside the country for free”

    so no charge on using Priority Pass at International Lounges?

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