Amex launches Diwali Sparkles offers for 2018

American Express rolls out offers for Diwali spends every year for the past couple of years. The American Express offer for 2016 was pretty simple. They gave out about INR 20,000 worth of Tanishq vouchers to spenders in a tiered fashion. In 2017, American Express offered 12,500 worth of Tanishq Vouchers as well.  The Amex Diwali Offer 2018 has been announced, and this year everyone gets something on the back of their spend patterns. Spend periods for these start from tomorrow.

Here is all you need to know about Amex Diwali Sparkles Offer which is valid through November 2018.

Amex Diwali Offer 2018

The Platinum & Centurion Charge Cards and the co-brand credit cards have been kept out of the ambit of the spend this time around. That means, the following cards are a part of the promotion:


  • Offer period: October 10, 2018, through November 30, 2018.
  • Offer 1: Spend INR 90,000. Get INR 3,000 Paytm Movie Voucher(s)
  • Offer 2: Spend INR 1,90,000. Get INR 10,000 Tanishq Gold Voucher(s)
  • Offer 2: Spend INR 4,75,000. Get INR 25,000 Tanishq Gold Voucher(s)

These offers are all providing various amounts of value for the members. For instance, the 3K movie voucher, which I have been targetted for, would get me an additional 3.3% value. The second and the third offers both deliver 5.3% value.

Only when a targetted member enrols and then spends on the card, do they start getting counted for the voucher. To register, you need to check your mail and click on the link. Only Cardmember initiated purchases that are approved on the eligible Account will qualify for the offer. The spends of supplementary cardholders will account under the primary card. Offer fulfilment would be done by February 2019, and they would be valid for 45 days after the date of voucher delivery.

So, Amex is keeping count of the members who they have directly sent communications about this promotion through their channels.


If you have some big spends coming up, this could be a good promotion to look up to get another 5% out of your spends. Maybe it is indeed time to buy that car and put the payment on your credit card. What say?

Which American Express Diwali Sparkles offer did you receive?


  1. Does one have to register and then spend to qualify? Or spends made in the period, but before registering will also count?

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