Jet Airways offering JPMiles against Mumbai lounge access?

A couple of days ago I broke the news about Jet Airways Mumbai Lounge access stopped for Domestic travellers. Yesterday, I got an update that even International travellers out of Mumbai were in a similar situation. I am feet on the ground this week, given I just got back from a seven day trip to Turkey and Singapore (opposite directions, I know!). The only time I am due to fly Jet Airways now is next weekend. So, I’ve requested readers to be keeping me up to speed with what is happening.

Jet Airways Mumbai Lounge Access

It turns out, at least per one reader, Jet Airways is offering JPMiles as compensation towards not being able to provide lounge access at Mumbai Airport. One reader reported yesterday, that as a passenger in Premiere Class travelling to Paris, he was offered 4000 JPMiles as compensation towards non-availability of lounge access.

I think that is a classy touch, even if that is a little bit of a bit too little too late, given 48 hours later Jet Airways is still working on this on a case by case basis, informing people when they land up at the airport about the fact that lounge access is not available.

I still think Jet Airways does not have a communication strategy around this whole mess they are in, and they have let the media take charge of disclosing to people rather than coming out ahead of the situation. Communication is key in the times of stress and they are not communicating, with only the good news still coming out on their press release section.

Have Jet Airways offered you miles for flying out of Mumbai without Lounge Access? Do share your experience in the comments section below. 


  1. In Mumbai T2 enroute to London traveling in J Class. No lounge access still – I got a SMS yesterday night about the same.
    Disappointing and would think twice before booking on Jet.

  2. I’m not sure if 4000-odd miles would cut-it for me if I were booked in J or F. Being denied a basic perk like lounge access after paying lakhs of rupees would pretty much be the end of the road for me with the airline!

  3. They do not provide any lounge access at Ahmedabad airport since last 2 years or so. I have written to them multiple times to compensate with miles or food vouchers but in vain. I think it’s appropriate that they are doing it for Mumbai Airport passengers till the time this is resolved.

      • I was offered that restaurant by Air India when I was travelling business. Every seat has a charger and like Amex lounge in Delhi, I got french fries and a fresh lime Soda which I actually enjoyed.

        Of course this was one of travel and I super miss the Mumbai lounge may consider traveling Indigo during post Diwali flight

      • Just a quick update – A fantastic Plaza Premium Lounge is up n running in the International Terminal! Small, cosy and excellent food options with super staff!

        Used it twice in last 2 weeks and loved it!

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