Travelling this new year: Base Fare Ticket Codes going for free!

After the incredible success, we’ve had to get people free upgrades on Jet Airways; we are here with the Free Ticket Santa brigade. For the record, two more upgrades are still finding a good home. I want to thank everyone who stepped forward for their generosity.

But then, there is a ticket code also going away. This is a code sent to us by LFAL reader Elroy again, who has been unable to redeem these for themselves or their families. In this case, I will post the code here along with the expiry date, and if you can locate a ticket on for your segment before the code expires, they are yours. Just let me know when you use the code, and I will update the post to say it is gone.

  • IFKUSMRU5G0 expiring December 31, 2018

I also had a couple of other codes messaged to me by another reader for a couple of codes expiring in January 2019, but I seem to have lost the message, and I have spent the past thirty minutes going through my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook messages trying to figure out where was that message. If they want to share the codes again, please do message me back or email me at [code @].

Thanks again guys for being so generous with the rest of the community. 


  1. Hi Ajay,

    The voucher code you have pasted has been issued by Flipkart and is only valid till 31.12.2018 and travel date should be till 31.12.2018 in Economy saver class one way.

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