Getting the Amazon ICICI Bank Credit Card!

A few months ago, I wrote about how ICICI Bank Credit Cards and Amazon India got together in October 2018 to launch the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card. The only way to get them is to wait for Amazon to offer it to you, so I was only too glad to see the invitation pop up on my Amazon screen over the weekend.

While I did not need yet another credit card in my wallet, I did pursue the opportunity to get the card for so many reasons. Mostly curiosity.

  • As an existing ICICI Bank Credit Card holder, I was not going to have to go through the process of having ICICI Bank pull my credit history one more time. It is just another card which shares my credit limit from my Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card now.
  • As an Amazon Prime member, I am going to get 5% of my Amazon purchases back as Amazon Pay money, although I already have the HDFC Bank Diners Club Black, which gets me 33% when I use SmartBuy.
  • For various partner purchases, such as at Swiggy and BookMyShow, I get 2% back as Amazon Pay money.
  • The card is lifetime free anyways and comes with a plastic card as well.

Amazon ICICI Bank Credit Card

Here is the link I clicked to head to the website where the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card was offered, and you can check out as well if you are invited.

I had to go through a process to validate my mobile phone number and then my existing ICICI Bank Credit Card details. And in a couple of seconds, I was presented with the details of the existing credit card for confirmation.

Once I confirmed the details, I was shown a screen telling me about the new credit card number, and informing me about the new credit card showing up in the mail within a few days. The card also showed up in my ICICI Bank website Credit Card section within a couple of minutes. I could immediately use the card towards online purchases as well.

Have you applied for the Amazon ICICI Bank Credit Card? What has been your experience with the card so far?



  1. I got an invite too but don’t hold any cards from icici. I spoke to Amazon and they gave me a number and said me that there is no necessity for holding a card with icici also I asked him about getting 5x for EMI and he said we will continue to get it. So can any one confirm that? Only reason to get this card is 0 EMI for all purchase and 5x for EMI or I don’t want this card. Please advice.

  2. Don’t Get this Card, if you convert transaction into Emi, they will take away the reward points earned on that transaction

  3. Ajay,

    Could recheck if it is sharing the credit limit with you other cards? When I check, I am seeing a separate credit limit for this card compared to my other ICICI Credit Cards.

  4. I also got offer, applied. The process is very simple, I like it.

    Since it is LTF card, I am planning to cancel my current ICICI HPCL credit card, which I’m holding it for low annual fee reason.

  5. Same here.. With diners black, 1% does not sound exciting

    But i assume 10x is not here to stay always. Then 5% on Amazon is good.

    Moreover, i tend be in dilemma if i should use it where diners is not accepted considering i also have icici jet rubyx amex & visa.

    I still am unable to extract 1re for each jp mile.

    In terms of rupees, icici Amazon visa gives me 1%. While icici jet gives me 1.5% approx (considering value of jp mile @0.5rs per mile).

    I’m still preferring icici jet over icici amex. Let’s hope i learn to get 1re per mile.

  6. Saw it. Not very useful for diners card holders. Smartbuy, + 3.3% on everything is a better deal than anything ICICI is offering here.
    Alternately, the Stanchart ultimate card also gives 3.3% on everything + Visa infinite benefits.

    • You can’t compare with DCB or SCB Uptimate.

      1) They are super premium cards while ICICI Amazon card is entry level one.

      2) Both the cards comes with high fees.

      Depends on your spend areas and how much you spends. As many experts says there is no perfect credit card. All comes with their pros and cons.

      We have to decide what value we are able to extract from them.

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