Jet Airways Cancellation Charges time-dependant today onwards

Jet Airways has gone forward today with a move to revise their change and cancellation fees on domestic flights with effect from today. The notes have gone out to the agents earlier over the week, and all tickets booked with effect from today and onwards will have a different change and cancellation fees, depending on the time before travel when you cancel the tickets.

Hereon, for instance, Business Class flex tickets will have a cancellation charge of INR 3,800, while the cancellations were free for these passengers so on.

In economy class, anyone who cancels or changes within 7 days of travel will now have to pay INR 800 more for the cancellation.

Here is a chart that has been circulated to travel agents for this change earlier this week

Jet Airways Cancellation Charges with effect February 7, 2019

These changes are already reflecting on the Jet Airways website as well. So when you try and book a ticket after a week out, like for instance, for next Saturday at the moment, this is what you see.

Unfortunately, this will lead to a lot of confusion for the passengers of Jet Airways. IndiGo earlier attempted a time-limited cancellation fee in 2015, but they rolled it back pretty quickly with all the backlash.

As a Jet Airways Platinum customer, however, I am not worried about these changes, because I continue to get one free change and cancellation on my tickets as long as I book directly with Jet Airways.

What do you think will be the impact on your Jet Airways experience with this latest move?

(HT: Rahul)


  1. Hi,
    I had booked JP award ticket using JP miles on jet airways site.
    The domestic flight is in 2 weeks from now.
    However, there is no option of cancellation of ticket after I login with PNR in manage my booking.
    How do I cancel my booking online?

    Any idea?

  2. While I can understand their situation this comes at a wrong time I feel as alreafy there are negative vibes about Jet in the market due ro rampant flight delays,cancellations due to pilot’s absence,grounding due to non payment to lessors etc..This wi add to the same and while as @ajayawtaney has mentioned plat card holders may not be affected but the isdue is ygst the majority wil be affected and will already be looking at other carrIers already.

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