Jet Airways Refund News: Here is how to make your refund claims (before May 20)

Since the shutdown of Jet Airways about 20 days ago, a lot of questions have been asked concerning how to people go on about their tickets. One thing is for sure, if and when the airline comes back to operations, they won’t be activating all their routes in one go. Many reasons for this. They have lost almost half their aircraft fleet to start. Owing to the shutdown, a lot of people are left with cancelled tickets, and they have had to buy new tickets to continue their travel plans for the moment. However, many people have their money stuck with the airline on account of pending refunds. Here is the latest Jet Airways Refund news.

Hereby, I share some thoughts about how it should work, and you can’t do much except twiddle your thumbs after taking care of these steps for the moment. There is a lawsuit that has been admitted in the Delhi High Court, asking for timely refunds to customers or other provisions, but that seems to be going nowhere.

What to do if you have booked a Jet Airways ticket with a Travel Agent?

As per travel agents, any refunds that were due till April 17, 2019, were already processed by Jet Airways via IATA. However, the next day, IATA unplugged Jet Airways from their billing platform, which meant there was no way that Jet Airways was going to be able to refund tickets to those who they owe money. Do they have the money? I don’t have a final number, but from various people, I’ve heard that anything between INR 350 Crores to INR 1,000 crores is with IATA as a security deposit. That means, this can be defrayed against refunding tickets for customers. Anything more and then Jet Airways needs to find the cash to make good the amounts.

Jet Airways has made a backend platform which is accessible only to travel agents. Those who have tickets booked via a travel agent, need to reach out to their travel agents, including their online travel agents to claim their refunds. This is the email that has been sent out by Jet Airways to the travel agents.

Like you can see, the process is simple. If you paid for your ticket in cash to Jet Airways (Debit Cards, NEFT count too), the agent would send the refund for validation to Jet Airways. Jet Airways will validate, and then IATA will authorise the refund of the amount to the Travel Agent, who can later pay it back to the customers. The filing of these refunds by your agent on behalf of yourself needs to be done by May 20, 2019. Subsequently, these will be validated and paid out, but it could take another 45 days from there.

If you paid with a credit card, that money perhaps never made it to Jet Airways in the first place and was held back by the card companies in an escrow account. Again, these agents will send the forms to Jet Airways, who will validate these and submit to the card companies for processing a reversal of your amounts.

What to do if you have booked a Jet Airways ticket directly?

You should ideally call the airline, or if you can, visit the airline’s ticketing office, usually at the airport. Jet Airways has opened up a separate website to process your refunds. Check here.

This is not some quick process again. At this moment, thousands of people are waiting on their money, and even if Jet Airways confirms to you that your ticket refund has been processed, it will take time to hit your card or your bank account. Social Media is full of instances where customers are asking about returns, the airline has told them they had approved the refund, but they don’t know what to do further.

Another way to go if you have booked with your credit card is perhaps to dispute the transaction and raise a chargeback request. In this case, since the service was not provided to you, it should be reversed for the time being while the credit card company fights it out with the airline.

What has been your experience receiving refunds from Jet Airways? Quick for you, or has it been a long drawn process?


  1. I have booked from in Mar, 19 for travel in July, 19. When the mail come to me for Jet cancellation, i called Jet but they didn’t provide me the alternative flight. For refund they told me that they will only give to
    From then, I am continuing following this agent but there is no response at all. Worst part is that Flugladen customer care is not picking up the call even after 16 mins of waiting.
    I still not received a single response about when my money will come back.

  2. I booked return ticket Dubai to Dhaka & Dhaka to Dubai for 1st June to 31st July by travels.
    But Jet Airways cancel my ticket on Month of May.
    Still i Not Received Single Money.

  3. I booked my family tickets from Cochin to Mumbai ( total 3 tickets) for June 2nd June, 2019 but the ticket was booked well in advance i.e in the month of Feb.2019.
    When Jet was shutdown i immediately contacted the Jet customer care unit as well as the agent, Akbar Travels but they asked to wait for some time for the final decision. Finally the decision come out then i contacted the Jet customer care for the refund that time they asked to contact the agent, Akbar travels. When i called Akbar they asked to wait further 15-20 days as the process is going on but till the date the same there is no refund or any positive answer from Akbar. Can anybody to help me to get the refund from Akbar Travels?

  4. I booked my family tickets 4 now from kuwait to lucknow via online agent TripAir Athense On 01 January 2019. But still my refund still not initiated. Also unpaid directly to jet airways for seat selection but not refunded tiĺ now. And also not any satisfactory answer from agent. They said if we received from airline we will give you if not we cant. Can any one suggest me how we can get claim or can approach IATA. My email is


  6. I cancelled my son’s ticket on 28-Apr-2019 which was booked through online through web for Toronto-Mumbai from Dubai. Initially the Jet’s Dubai office was very polite and responding that it will be credited within a month, however now their Dubai no response at all, just ringing fed with some auto message informing they are very busy. Tried innumerous time no response. Can anyone know how to get the REFUND back to place how book a complaint?

  7. Hi I booked my mom’s ticket in February Toronto delhi Toronto through travel agent. She came back by booking another ticket due to cancellation of jet airways.he said he applied for refund in now everyone is getting refund and he is not giving us sufficient reply. I tried to call and email to know more about my mom’s tickets refund but I am not even getting reply from Jetairways too. If someone can give advice

    • I too booked my Jetair Mumbai-Amsterdam-Mumbai tickets thru Goibibo. My flight was cancelled. I wrote to Goibibo :
      This is the reply that I gor from them:

      On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 11:07 AM Goibibo wrote:
      Dear customer,

      Goibibo submitted the refund claim for all our customers to Jet Airways in May 2019 and we have been closely following up ever since. Recently, National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has accepted insolvency petition under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 from certain lenders of Jet Airways and Goibibo has filed all details of customer claims due from Jet Airways with NCLT as per the prescribed process. As a result any refunds (full or partial) will now get processed as per the directions of the NCLT.

      This email is to keep you informed of the latest developments on pending refunds from Jet Airways and we shall keep sharing updates as the matter progresses.

      Team Goibibo

      • I received a mail from Jet (copies below)and have submitted the required documents but no response after that. via
        Mon, Aug 12, 6:15 PM (8 days ago)
        to me, Ticket.Jetclaims


        This mail is generated in response to your attempt of filing a claim form online in regards to the CIR Process initiated for Jet Airways (India) Ltd.
        To submit a proof of your claim in Form B, please proceed further by accessing the link below:

        You must submit appropriate supportings along with the claim in order to correctly verify the same.

        Please read and understand the Guidelines mentioned below carefully:
        All Claim Forms and Proof of Claims have to be submitted as per the provisions of Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016.
        Relevant documentary proof in support of the claim, as prescribed under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons) Regulations, 2016, have to be submitted.
        Either of the mode (i.e. ONLINE or Email) can be opted for filing your Claim. Both options should not be opted.
        The claim amount should be determined as on 20-Jun-2019
        Please refer to the link —> for viewing the status of claims received.
        On submitting the Claim Form and Proof of Claim, a dialog box shall appear which should be carefully read and understood by you. You can use the same link shared with you multiple times until the last date of submitting the claim to upload additional information for supporting your claim.
        In case of any queries, you may write to us based on your category given below on the mentioned email IDs. Also please ensure to mention the subject of your mail as highlighted below:

        Category of Claimant Subject to be written on Mail Email Address for correspondence
        Ticket Refund “Ticket refund Query” Ticket.Jetclaims@IN.GT.COM
        Operational Creditor(Other than above) “OC Query” OC.Jetclaims@IN.GT.COM

        Ashish Chhawchharia
        Resolution Professional for Jet Airways (India) Limited

        Correspondence Address:
        Jet Airways (India) Limited,
        Siroya Centre, Sahar Airport Road,
        Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400099
        E: RP.Jetairways@IN.GT.COM
        Registered with IBBI:
        Grant Thornton 10C Hungerford Street, Kolkata – 700017

    • I booked six tkts and cancelled all in may but till now no refund. If any body can advise me where to approach.

  8. I have also not received the money back, I had booked the ticket from Jet airways site and called the Jet Airways local Office to request for refund. It has been 4 months so far nothing has been reverted.

    visit the site to claim the ticket refund money : , FORM B

    Riyaz Ahmed

    • I had booked ticket from Lko-Kuwait-LKO. But I have not received any refund.Is there any contact where I can ask about the refund status.

    • My number 00447788283123 inclide me.booked from kolkata tp london amd back to kolkata on jet airways but no refund as yet.

  9. I had booked a flight with jet airways from Delhi to Winnipeg to Delhi in march 2019 till April 2019. I travelled with jet airways and thought of extending my flight as I wanted to stay more with my son. so I paid an extra of RS. 15000 for the extension. as I paid for my extension the next day news comes that jet airways is now discontinued. so basically I was stuck here without any source of getting back. Then after several days of getting no reply for my refund I had to book another ticket for which I had to spend RS. 70000 again


  11. I Booked three tickets for Delhi Toronto Delhi during February, 2019 through Travel Agent. However, due to cancellation of jet flights I could not travel and had to make other arrangements by paying extra one lakh. Agent had filed claim before IATA and jet Airways, but no refund has been received so far. Now it is informed that claim has to be filed before a Tribunal NCLT in the form F during liquidation proceedings. I am planning to file the said claim. Is there any other option available for me to seek refund either through Consumer Forum or High Court or I have to wait decision of the Tribunal, which is unlikely to give relief. Please guide.

    • Actually our travel agent also said he applied for refund but now he’s not giving us any reply. We bought ticket from Toronto to delhi and return Toronto. We also bought another ticket from delhi to come back here of another flight.

  12. My name is Shivanand Jog and I had booked 3 tickets through a travel agent for Bombay to Dublin return, awaiting refund from 90 days now. I think we should all first atleast create a watsapp group for refunds and talk on that group about how to go about the refund process,
    All interested please leave your numbers in the comments below so I can add you all to a group on watsapp, thanks.

    • @Shivanand, this is not a public forum for action. Please go and find another channel for your activism, not on our website. It has huge privacy issues and you could be just a miscreant. any numbers posted here will be deleted by the moderator.

  13. Booked a Jet Airways ticket through GOIBIBO for COK-BOM sector for May 29, 2019. Still not get the refund. GOIBIBO has a readymade answer for every day ” Dear Customer, Your refund is still under process. We request you to wait for 2-3 working days more and we will update you with the status shortly.”

  14. I booked my parent tickets from Akbar Travels.As per their reply they filed the claim of two tickets costing (approx 1.15lacs). But till date no refund…!!!
    How can we know the refund credited to agent account or not..?

    Now onward Jetairways customer support is totally closed where should we go..?
    Who will hear ….?

  15. I purchase the ticket from Attar Travels, Riyadh, when I went there they give me the Dammam office number of Jet Airways, now nobody is replying…someone please help me.

    • Same thing happened with me, as of today 1st August 2019, no refund despite several calls Dammam office, e-mails. Don’t what to do. I had purchased ticket from same office in Riyadh, computer market for RUH-HYD-RUH.

  16. I purchase my ticket from travel agent Attar Travel, Riyadh, my ticket from Riyadh to Mumbai to Aurangabad round trip but could not get refund, they give me the Jetairways Dammam office number but still not get any feed back…someone please guide me.

    • I also purchased my tickets online for July2019 from Dammam-Mumbai-Aurangabad but unfortunatly JET airways are closed now, we are struggling to get the reply from Jet airways. DAMMAM offices are closed now.
      I don’t know what to do, Do you got any solution???

  17. I had booked 2 tickets in may from Travelgenio. The travel agency says they are not responsible for refunds as I have tried many times to speak with them and I should contact the airlines. The airlines demands me to speak to the agency. How should I deal with this? Please advice

    • Hi,
      I am the same. Travelgenio said its between the airline (jetairways) and the customer. Jet airways asked us to contact after july 1st and now they arent responding. Please let me know how to proceed. This is so frustrating.

  18. Had booked return tickets from Mumbai to Indore.One was direct through jet and another one via agent.Had tried calling jet and even had sent n number of mails.They are not replying and not refunding the amount.

    • Are we even trying for consumer forum? Because I am moving to consumer forum for the refund.
      If anyone has any information please help me

      • Hi, Can we do this jointly by getting as many people involved as we can? I am in and we can spread through social media for people to join.

        • Ok will join I booked 2 tickets from Delhi- London – Toronto and return., thru make my Trip. They are behaving in a very unprofessional and arrogant manner any giving me correct reply. Can we go to consumer court. Very bad bad experience withMAKE MY TRIP. When you have to book tickets their attitude is totally different and now for refunds they don’t attend our calls. My refund was initiated on 13th April and they assured
          Me it will be refunded in 45 working days. And now they are
          Not attending my calls neither replying to my Mails… Indeed regrettable

          • Iam joining too.. Booked from Bangalore to Delhi to London and Return (same route) its more than 45 working days now and no response from both Make my trip and Jet.

        • I have booked ticket from coimbatore to hyderabad and hyd to coimbatore through paytm. I have sent several email. But there was no reply. I am not recd any refund.

      • It appears now that the only way out is sue for refund along with interest,compensation at Consumer forum in mass

    • We got the refund last week by raising dispute form with hdfc credit card.I booked my tickets in july 2018 directly with jet airways for our trip to singapore in june 2019.However , i was not very hopeful as almost 1 year was passed since i made the payment.I don’t know how hdfc people did it but i got my refund within 2 days.Hope this helps.

    • Hello I have not received my refund as well. I used my Euro Account Deutsche Bank Debit Card. Payment was made on 16.04 for a trip in May and made directly to Jet Airways. I have filled up the claim form 2 times and no reply on that.
      Till now the money is not refunded to me.

      Any one know how to go forward _

  19. I have booked the Ticket for 2 (India – Sweden) directly in Jet airways site. I am waiting for my refund amount more than 70 days but no refund yet. I don’t know what to do now.

    • I booked direct on Jet Airways as well and haven’t got refund. They are now going through insolvency proceedings. Anyone knows if we have to follow the claim process as a creditor listed on their website?

      • I have booked 4 tickets from Doha to Bangalore through akbartravels but still not no refund.No replay from Akbartravels. Please let me know how to proceed further .

  20. Dear All,

    Several times I wrote email to JET AIRWAYS and replied, they will process my reimbursement after elected the GOVERMENT but still I am waiting there is not any further respond by them.
    I was booked Varansi (India) to Abha (KSA) total cancel by Jet service.

    What we have to do regarding REFUND.

  21. I am also waiting for my refund. I had booked tickets of jet from Goibibo and I think by going by their reply, will have to wait endlessly for the refund.
    I request that we all meet and plan how to get the refund. By going to court or by filing a fir.
    So pls let’s all meet at a particular place and time asap.
    My mob no is 9821014762 and 9819852520.

    • Same here. request initiated with goibibo for refund on 20th Apr 2019
      Waiting for the refund, I’m getting a lot excuses from goibibo and everytime I call getting response which is not at all in sync. When I called directly to jet airways as per airline – are still waiting for the claim request from the travel agent in my case from goibibo.
      Worst experience from goibibo. seriously thinking about filing complaint against it, let me know if any pointers.


      • Same here, i hav booked air ticket from delhi to torronto. Now it is almost 60 days.. waiting for refund. Goibebo is making stupid excuses.

    • I also booked for return trip ahmedabad to Melbourne. Booking was through makemytrip. No refund till the date. I doubt whether we will get anything.

    • Goibibo is playing fool with the customers. Everytime they come up with some new excuses. I think these guys are enjoying the money at the cost of customers.

      • Yes. Please let me know as well if we have to file a complain of Goibibo. I am IN. They have to give a lot of my money refunded due to Jet Airways cancelation. I had my tickets from Lucknow to Pune.

    • I had booked my tkt on 22/02/19 Kol to Mum and back for 06/08/19 and 19/08/19 respectively thru GOIBIBO. My flight status shows confirmed. I have not yet cancelled. Whenever I ring up GOIBIBO at their helpline number I am told that i will get the refund but no timeframe is given.

  22. Hi same here, booked 4 ticket from london to goa on 19/07/2019 , cancelled no refund booked via….no reply from travel agents, called jet airways office said request has been placed for cancellation on 18/04/2019 but need to wait contact opodo agent…go to see no proper reply from airline and booking agent.. just asking to wait for 90 days as per Iata, but no sure.. please update to me if any thing comes from your side guys… really jet airways has ditched us royale i request please return how ticket money, i have to cancell my holidays with family because of this financial hit crises.

    • Any updates on refund? I had a word with Jet airways customer support and they said they are going to close the refund my mid of June. I called them again and they said further information on refund will come on 2nd week of July then they will start the process(if they get a go ahead). Did anyone get any refund who has requested refund in May?

  23. I agree Travel Agents are ripping customers off. Travel Hub agent advised me that if you get a travel insurance through a bank you will get your full money back for flight failure.

    If agent is advising me to get good travel insurance they must have the best of the best insurances they normal passengers could’t get and i am 100% sure that they received full money back from my ticket money that i gave to them.

    Does anyone know how to go about bringing this kind of agents down legally?

    • i had booked the flight through for 30th April from Mumbai to Dubai , but till date neither got any refund nor any satisfactory feedback from, they are just giving vague answers which is very frustrating..

      was not expecting such a pathetic and low level service from them so request everybody to book the tickets directly with airlines as these agents, when required are showing their back..

      so as a first step thinking to lodge the complaint against them in Consumer Online Resource and Empowernment Centre (

      • We have booked from Direct airline website, there is still worst no one is there to ask question, at least you have agent. Only I have received mail reply once from them saying payment is in process I.e also 1momth before.

    • I would like to know if anyone got refund for either direct booking through JET or bookibg through any travel agemt

      • I had a word with Jet airways customer support and they said they are going to close the refund my mid of June. I called them again and they said further information on refund will come on 2nd week of July then they will start the process(if they get a go ahead). Please share if you have any information on refund.

  24. Bought tickets through Travel Agent and no refund yet. I don’t know how long i should wait. According to travel agent they have requested for the refund and they asked me to wait for maximum 90 days

  25. We booked jet airways flight Guwhati to Mumbai for 2 ND May 2019 from Akbar Travel ref no. AT180729111 which was cancelled by Jet Airways .For refund inquiry Akbar Travel gave replied when jet airways will refund money after that we will get refund us. Don’t know when will get our money.please return our money earliest.

  26. I booked my round ticket directly from Ahmedabad-calgary, Calgary-Ahmedabad on 18th of March. Confirmation code is ACLQWV. I also filled the form for refund on their website on April 27. They said in that refund link that they will refund it in 45 days. We have not get anything till now. No update regarding this. They are just bluffing different things regarding refund. We need our money back. We need proper answer for this.

  27. I booked my ticket through Golden International, Colombo, Sri Lanka and paid Rs. 161,800/- for CMB/HAM/CMB to travel on 16th May 2019. When I paid the money on 30th March, the travel agent never intimated to me about the closure of Jet Airways. When I inquire about my refund they give vague answers. I want my monies back immediately as I am a frequent traveller. Please refund promptly without giving various answers. If you have taken our monies you have to refund not just keep it and be quiet. How come that some people have got refunds. This is a big amount for me and I have been constantly requesting for this. Please refund immediately

  28. We book ticket from abu Dhabi to mumbai and mumbai to abu Dhabi on 5 May for 2 person and then we also book the ticket for 3 person from mumbai to Bangkok and Bangkok to Mumbai this all ticket has got cancel and I have book from goibibo and there is no proper reply what happen for the refun the government really need to to take and action on refund process we really work hard for those money and it has had been more then 53 days no action on refund process help us …

  29. The travel agencies and online agencies are also taking people for a ride.
    Even if they have got the refund do you seriously think they will give the money out to us??

    Booked via… Shitty service and never again. Just sitting tight as i have another long flight booked with them and they are capable of anything…

    Cleartrip is having a good time at our expense!!!

  30. Flight Cancelled by Jet airways on 19/4/19
    I phoned jet airways office in Anderhi in Mumbai and they advised me to rebook a flight and they they will give me a full refund.

    The flight cost me £3203.98 for 2 passengers.
    Passengers name:
    Mr A K Shaikh
    Mrs A Shaikh

  31. Now when refunds of hundreds of passengers, who booked tickets through agents, are stuck up due to jet crises.

    Govt needs to act on these lines

    1 Did the agents really transfer 100% ticket amount to Jet or they retained a part and paid only commitment charges.if this is the case then Govt should ask agents to immediately transfer the funds what they retained since they are committed to 100% refund.

    2 If the Agents really transferred 100% of the ticket amount to Jet, then Govt should ask IATA to make refund out of the security deposit they took from the Jet. If it does not meet full liability of all passengers, then let it be partial refund. And for remaining refund, Govt should coe out with a statement Why hapless pasengers should be kept guessing. Let agents also bear some burden. They are the ones who have been false commitments while booking tickets.

    3 Govt cannot wash off its hands. If agents are operating, they are given license by the govt.

    Civil Aviation Minister should attach utmost importance to it. Sufferers among passengers are not only Indians but foreigners also.

  32. Hello my trip ID is 190227411246
    From Dubai-mangalore and Mangalore-Dubai. Booked tickets through CLEARTRIP for July month and return on August . Since jet airways are closed they have cancelled my tickets on April 19th.
    From last 2 months continously am following up with cleartrip team but am not getting a proper reply from them.
    Its 5350Dirham (110000 rupees).

    Somebody please help us to get the refund

  33. I booked tickets for Amsterdam for 5 with two iteraranary they made partial refund of one another is pending no body responds on phone .

  34. I booked the flight HongKong-London on its official website, and filled in the refund application on 24 April. At the time, I was told the money will reflect in my card within 2-3 weeks. Finally… I just got the refund on 5 June. But I paid $16920 and the refund now is $16750.8, maybe because of FX, anyway..

  35. i got refund on this monday. ticket was from toronto to delhi .filled a claim on 12th of april through travel agent

    • which travel agent can you please? we are also looking forward to get the refund. We booked it through Make my trip but no scene is clear.

      • Every ticket refund before 18April 19 GMT 09.00 hrs was accepted by IATA BSP scheme and was refunded through agent. After this time refund was supended and everybody must wait till Jet Airways or IATA will release security deposit (if enough amount, if not partial refund maybe….) Still open case and no agent after 18April 19 09.01 hrs was/is able to refund any amount ! Clear !

        One IATA agent from Germany

  36. I had booked ticket with travel agency Flight Network(credit card payment online), called so many times(travel agency & airlines) but did not get refund.
    Disputed the charges with Canadian Bank( issuer of credit card) and got refund with in a week.
    please note there is time frame to file dispute.there are pros and cons of filing dispute so please do your own research before filing dispute.

  37. I had booked ticket with travel agency flight network, called so many times(travel agency & airlines) but did not get refund.
    Disputed the charges with Bank and got refund with in a week.

  38. I had booked 6 tickets in two itinerary, for one of the itinerary , they have partially refunded after deducting cancellation charges, which should not be deducted & econd itinerary, no refund at all since last two months.
    Is there a way out? can we do something collectively, I feel single persons are not able to make impact.

    • A person named Bejon Misra has filed case in Delhi High Court. We can support the case by providing our ticket details to him. It can also serve as common front to take up the fight.

      • Hi Vishvesh and others. If you need to do anything legally, please dont’ post it here. Such posts with personal details will be not moderated. Please organise a separate forum for your grievances.

      • My 72 years old retired Dad booked 4 tickets from Kolkata to London via Mumbai for May 23rd 2019but Jet airways shut down and tickets got cancelled on 18th April 2019. Retired person’s 2 lac Ruppes is still due to be refunded.
        Please Jet airways please refund the money.

    • I have booked three tickets directly via Jetairways to AMSTERDAM – DELHI – KATMANDU – 28 Jul 2019 – OWVFNE (return flight).
      Refund has been confirmed on the 23th of April, promising a return with 2-3 days … sofar nothing received!
      Any suggestions to get my money back are welcome!

  39. Jet airways is sending mails to everyone who has filled forms after cancelled from their side that your refund will be processed in 10 to 12 working days. Its false and Fake. They have held up money of all fliers.

    My flight was of 21 April delhi to Amritsar. 2 tickets. I filled the form on 16 April and recieved a similar email of 10 days . Today is 26 may. More than 40 days. No refund. The customer care people either don’t pick phone, or disconnect and never reply to emails.

    Strict action should be taken by consumers and government both. This jet airways should be banned for anu operations. They have held common man money and caused so much despair and stress. Avaition ministery,please look up into this

    • Jet Airways is making fool . Its been close to 45 days still i have not received my refund. Everytime i call they give a future date, now they are asking to wait till 1st July. We should take action against them.

    • Hi Everyone,

      I had also made bookings for International flight from mumbai to Lisbon via Paris through MMT. The flight got cancelled on 24/06/19.

      Both Jet Airways and MMT are Pushing the Ball in each others court and not giving any timeline for the Refund although they promise to do so.

      I request You all to come Together on this platform and share Our Respective Contact nos so we cal plan collective action on them. Can we share Mobile numbers and our City names so we can coordinate together.

      Please revert. thanks

      • HI
        I ALSO BOOKED THROUGH MMT AND SAME ANSWERBoth Jet Airways and MMT are Pushing the Ball in each others court and not giving any timeline for the Refund although they promise to do so

  40. My ticket was booked
    with Jet airways for 9th May from London to Delh, It got cancelled and i applied for refund.
    Everytime i call at customer care they say it is in process
    How ling will it take ?

    • Hey! I also booked 6 tkts Delhi-Hongkong & back.Flt got cancelled & i processed cancellation after filling online form which they have accepted.I also spoke to some senior employees of Jet on this aspect and they also assured that money will be refunded for sure but gonna take some more time.As of now we dont have more options then keep waiting.In case of any additional info/change pl revert back on!

      • how did you get in touch with the jet airways employees? i could never get into their call center even after waiting for 1 hour.

      • did you book from jet airways website or thru travel agent? I booked from MMT, can I claim on jet airways website?

  41. Hi is there any e mail or other contact details for IATA or jetairways from Whome i can follow up on my refund applications.

  42. I booked a ticket for 9th May for my mother from Toronto to Delhi for Jetairways via Goibibo as Goibibo suggested me to apply for refund so I applied for refund on 7th May on Goibibo and now it is showing status claim pending for refund and from jet airways. But today when I called Jet airways customer care they said that they did not receive any request from Goibibo for your mother ticket number, advised me to contact goibibo to submit for refund to Jetairways for her. Please help us to get the refund from goibibo. Goibibo did not pick the call easily and on their chat if asked they mentioned that you ticket cancellation is under refund process and even i got the email that your refund is under process and status is also shwoing on goibibo protal but jet airways said that Goibibo did not send refund request to them.
    I do not understand what to do in that case. Thanks, Amit

  43. We have booked 2 tickets but flight got cancelled by jet. So have do book tickets with another airline. It been 2 months (TWO MONTHS) now . We have complained to jet airways and even got call from them that our refund has been processed and we will get the refund soon . Still we have not received anything. What to do and where to enquire?

  44. I booked a flight Delhi to London 19th April. I had to book return flight with Air India cost me £1880!!!! I went on jet airways disruption website. Completed the information required and to date I have no idea how much they are going to refund me, if anything. The process has been so poor. Even the travel agents don’t respond back to emails. I booked via a travel agents in slough. Unnecessary stress.

    • I have just called my travel agents and they advise no jet airways customers will get a full refund. They will only refund taxes only. I asked her how do you know she said I just do. Let’s wait and see..

    • Dolly g travel agent can’t do any thing m also an agent. i also booked few tickets but we are also helpless. cllindes r saying that we r not refunding payments but its not true. we r also waiting for refuned.

  45. I booked two ways ticket from Canada to Nepal by using my credit card . It is more than one month, still showing pending for refund.

  46. Booking ID: TUAPPB2PM through Goibibo –from Delhi to Budapest , booked on 13-02-2019

    Goibibo has been saying that it will refund when it gets money from Jet.

    While jet says,

    Post airline suspending operations, the refund process has been taken over by IATA & BSP and all Agents have been guided on steps and timeline to initiate the refund of unutilised / partial tickets.

    Trust this clarifies and request you to be engaged with the Agent for an update as the airline cannot intervene in this process nor advise you any timeline.

    Please calrify who will make refund IATA or the airline

  47. Self and my wife booked tickets through Goibibo Booking ID: TUAPPB2PM through Goibibo for Delhi to
    Budapest on 13.02.2019 for the Jet airways flight which was to take off on 20.06.2019. ( Booking made 130 days in advance) Goibibo says they have processed for refund and will update as and when they receive money from Jet Airways.

    Whereas Jet airways says—Post airline suspending operations, the refund process has been taken over by IATA & BSP and all Agents have been guided on steps and timeline to initiate the refund of unutilised / partial tickets.

    Trust this clarifies and request you to be engaged with the Agent for an update as the airline cannot intervene in this process nor advise you any timeline.

    Is Goibibo playing or the money is really stuck. And if stuck with whom and is it IATA who will refund or it is Jet Airways.

    After Booking the ticket, Goibibo takes money in its Bank account. I want to know whether it transfers immediately to IATA & BSP or pays token commitment charges and transfers bulk when flight date approaches.

    How come YATRA is paying back for Jet Airways cancellation while GOibibo is not doing?

    Does agent transfer the money to

  48. I got mail from Disruption Assistance : LONDON-MUMBAI-CHENNAI – that they have processed a full refund for unused booking.
    The refund will reflect in the card/account used within 10-12 working days.
    I also have reference number but the money is not refunded till date.

    Not sure how to check status and track it.This has definitely affected lot of common man like me who trusted the airlines.

  49. Dear Sir,
    I had booked flight of Jet airways for 4 people from Goa to Mumbai as on dated 19 April 2019, ref no. My ticket No – 5892137650932,5892137650931, 5892137650934, 5892137650933 . As above said flight cancelled due to company issues.

    Its jet airways company responsilbiliy to refund my tickets amount but I have not yet received refund amount..
    Yesterday I called customer care for regarding the same, your customer executive said that the amount has been deposited in our bank accounts.
    I checked all my transaction but still amount is not credited.

    So I request you to please raise my complaint immediately & send my money my account back.

  50. Received mail from jet airways on 22nd April for full refund on my flight Dehradun to Mumbai .

    Till date haven’t received the money

    Kindly suggest what needs to be done.

  51. I apply my refund to opodo from 23 april 2019 for the ticket jet airways from delhi to Sydney and i haven’t received any refund yet for cancellation of tickets.

  52. This is to inform you that I haven’t received my refund yet. I have received the cancellation message from your side one and half ago since then I am anticipating the refund of my flight charge. It wasn’t my fault. Your company got closed and you cancelled all the flight. Then it is your responsibility to refund the amount to the customer. When I call your office last month you said it will refunded within a week. But still I haven’ t received anything from you. When I called jet airways last week line disconnected.
    Booking Reference (PNR): BVUVMP
    Booking Reference (PNR): OJZRGV

    Kindly do the needful to pay me back my flight charge.

  53. This is to inform you that I haven’t received my refund yet. I have received the cancellation message from your side one and half ago since then I am anticipating the refund of my flight charge. It wasn’t my fault. Your company got closed and you cancelled all the flight. Then it is your responsibility to refund the amount to the customer. When I call your office last month you said it will refunded within a week. But still I haven’ t received anything from you. When I called jet airways last week line disconnected.

  54. I have purchased flight E-Ticket on 17 Feb 2019 on JetAirways 9W-659 from Bangalore to Guwahati with date of departure 30 Mar 2019 vide PNR-OUNJTW . Unfortunately the flight has been cancelled JetAirways authority due to operation reasons. Since, I have not yet received fare back so far.

  55. I got my refund today. I had booked 2 tickets SIN-PNQ and PNQ-SIN via JetAirways website. I had filed for return using the disruption assistance form on 23rd April 2019. They deducted SGD26 as convenience fee though.

  56. I have booked applied for same above portal for refund on 19-April-2019 and got reply that you will get your payment back within 10-12 working days, but till date not received any update from jet Airways.


  58. Hi,

    I have booked from Stuttgart, Germany to Mumbai and return via a online Portal they too told me to wait for 90days. Online portal is obviously saying once they get money from Jet airways they would return back. Earlier in the comments it was mentioned about EU261. What is this? Is there anyone who has booked through travel agent and got there money back.

  59. Husband and my ticket were booked from DXB-BOM return, however, we both applied for a refund and my husband got it I am still fighting for it.

  60. I booked my 3 tickets from Abu Dhabi to hyderabad through travel agent and now they are saying it will take 45 day I hope I will get my money

  61. I booked through Jet Airways Website for Abu Dhabi to Bamgalore for 4 members. They confirmed refund will be account 10 to 12 working days. Now it is more than a month. No refund yet

  62. I am anwar e motorwala mumbai. Book mumbai Amsterdam 22 april. Flight they.cancel. i applied for refund on 15 april. Atlas tour they god RA From jet it stated refund after 45 days. But.what is.our mistake. Why govt.dont stop.when they see airlines in red. We common.people.suffer

  63. Paid $1200 for a 2 way ticket. Traveled one way and jet canceled the return flight. Jet issued a refund, but only for 400$ (33%). They are not giving me a breakdown of fare to explain why refund for the return flight is 33% of total fare. At the minimum, I would expect 50% of total fare for all the inconvenience.

  64. What if my ticket was booked by another person’s credit card. Should i be the one filling the refund form or the credit card owner itself?

  65. Booked directly with Jet. Applied for refund on Apr 24, got email with refund slip saying we will get refund in 10-12 days..fingers crossed!

  66. I got a refund of only 13 Australian dollars while my ticket was more than 700 Australian dollars. I booked the flight directly with Jet Airways and paid with my debit card. I only paid an other 50 Australian dollars or so with my credit card to change the initiary. I have send many e-mails but they don’t answer me.

  67. I booked tickets through Goibibo from Jaipur to Paris. Goibibo says they have processed for refund and will update as they have any.
    However, same journey tickets through Yatra has been refunded for my associate.
    Is Goibibo playing or the money is really stuck.

    • Same is the situation with me Please do keep me updated on same. I too booked my ticket bom to doha thru goibibo..

  68. I booked thru Trip Factory, but they say they are yet to receive money from Jet Airways. I am not sure how to get back my amount. Anybody booked thru Trip Factory in Bangalore?

  69. I booked 1 ticket to go from Heathrow to Delhi to Dhaka by a travel agency in the 9th of July. When will I get my refund? The travel agency said 3-4 weeks but I still didn’t get my money.

  70. I booked my round trip ticket from Agency(TUI) Germany to India on 19th feb 2019 for 29.08.2019. As, I received the e-mail from my Agency and went to ask them about the matter. They are not sure about the refund amount or any other solution. Can anyone help me ,what can I do ?

  71. I purchased 7 tickets for my family and sister through my card from Doha – Qatar and after declarations of jet air cancellations we requested for refund. Received the email notifications that the refund is in process within 12 days. But it is more than 15 days i could not receive any amount yet now.
    i dot know what is the status ..!1

  72. I had a First class return ticket booked from Goa to London Heathrow for the 13 April 2019 30 minutes before I was due to leave for the airport (Goa) I received a text from Jet Airways to inform me both my flights had been cancelled( Goa to Mumbai Business Mumbai to Heathrow First Class) I had to book another flight with Air India 30 April 2019. I am about £2000.00 out of pocket What can I do to try and recover this money.

  73. Kottekadan:

    I booked my 4 ticket Kuwait to Kochi , after that i cancelled through refund portal and they sent refund receipt on 25th April but till now the amount not credited in my refund account , but yesterday the conveyance charge of KD 10.400(2.600 for each ) credited please advise the balance KD 255.600 when will credit . its already crossed 12 days from the date of Refund receipt.

  74. I manoj rawat,
    I had booked my jet airways flight ticket via udchalo being a military personnel from delhi to pune on 21 jan 2019 and my date of journey was on 04 mar 2019 but i had not received any email or status as the flight was cancelled on the same day then i got a reciept from jet airways counter where as written full refund as flight cancelled, i am still waiting them to get my refund…

  75. We flew to new Delhi on 17th April and read in a paper next day jet airlines had stopped going. We had to pay a lot of money to get flights home can we claim this money back?

      • Hi Ajay,

        We also booked from Denmark,my travel agency not giving me response even after writing many emails. There is any legal way i can proceed my case. How can i know that JetAir paid money to our Travel agency TripMonstor( I know that they wrote in the letter which you published that paid out will be done before 20th May) do EU261 compensation be done by any portal?

  76. I had also booked my jet airways flight tickets via goibibo and had not received any status for my refund they r just delaying stating that they have send to jet for validation

  77. i booked ticket from Sweden based TripMonster booking website. They reply me as below


    Thank you for your e-mail.

    We have already been in contact with Jet Airways regarding your refund application. We can never guarantee that they will refund the money or how long it will take. We will contact you as soon as we have an answer.

    Have a nice day.

    Med vänliga hälsningar,
    I still chasing them to get our refund, but not response yet. Any one facing same situation please reply this is big money for us 4 person ticket, i am confuse what to do in this situation.

  78. I booked 4 tickets through website (my ticket) by using debit card. Refund application filled. They said they sent refund application to the jet airways. I did’nt get any approval mail from jetairways till now. How long it will take.

  79. I booked directly from the Jet Airways website (a Helsinki-Ams-Bangalore return flight). I made my refund request via their website (the form you pictured in this article) on April 18 2019. They wrote back on April 21 telling me they are processing my request, and that I should receive it in 10-12 working days. I received the refund yesterday (exactly 10 days later, as they said).

  80. Hello All,
    I booked round trip from Saudi Dammam to Kolkata through Jet Airways directly through their website. Post this incident I applied through their portal to get the refund. I got the mail with statement like “The refund will reflect in the card/account used within 10-12 working days.” but till now I didn’t got the refund though 12 working days crossed .what to do in this case…… Please advise.

  81. I booked four tickets for NYC-BLR through Priceline US portal using Credit card. As you can imagine, it was big money. I called priceline on the day they announced shut down, but Priceline was clueless regarding what to do, and asked me to call Jet for an authorization code. But when I called priceline again the next day, they said that the amount will be refunded, and luckily I got my money back after one week. I had another ticket through Air France for a code share with Jet. I got the refund from Air France without any problem within 4 days. Phew!!!

    • are all travel agents following the same rules ? mine is a local travel agent. and they are saying they have claimed the refunds within 25th April but not received the amount yet from jet airways .

  82. Bought tickets through Travel Agent and no refund yet. I don’t know how long i should wait. According to travel agent they have requested for the refund and they asked me to wait for maximum 90 days!!

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