Air India’s special livery to be launched on a Boeing 777 aircraft

Airlines worldwide make special liveries from time to time, to celebrate a cause or a special occasion. Sometimes, it is just an advertisement. For instance, Jet Airways did an ad for Nokia, Disney and others, while Air Asia promoted a Rajinikanth movie, and since 2016 the same livery continues to fly.


Now, Air India has come up with the conclusion that apart from their Star Alliance special liveries which they are contractually obligated to, the airline will fly a Boeing 777 in a special livery to commemorate key landmarks in India. The plane is going to first fly to Toronto, to mark the launch of the flight of Air India to Toronto on September 27, 2019.

The airline released pictures of the new livery, and here they are.

Air India Special Livery

Like you would note, this is not a special livery, but a unique decal, where the airline has plastered 27 heritage sites on the aircraft and can be removed at any time. I honestly don’t like it, but given their precarious situation, I am also glad they did not spend a lot of money painting an aircraft.

I remember reading somewhere that if this livery got a good response, Air India would put it up on more aircraft. Here is the good news. It does not look good and competes with Air India’s designers for the Flying Returns mailers.  Let’s hope they don’t spend more money on such frivolous projects anymore.

What do you make of Air India’s token new livery?


  1. “It does not look good and competes with Air India’s designers for the Flying Returns mailers”
    You couldn’t have summed it up any better

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