Yes Bank Credit Card points can now be transferred to Club Vistara

Yes Bank, for the longest time, for their credit card portfolio, has had only one credit card rewards transfer partner in InterMiles (nee JetPrivilege). Yes Bank Reward points used to transfer to JetPrivilege in the ratio of 4 points to 1 InterMile.

After the downfall of Jet Airways, however, just like other credit card companies, Yes Bank has been working towards adding more transfer partners, on the lines of American Express.

Yes Bank Vistara

Coming to the transition from JPMiles to InterMiles, Yes Bank is offering Club Vistara as the second Indian transfer partner at the moment. In terms of the number of Reward points required to earn one Club Vistara point, the same ratio as for InterMiles will be maintained. Yes Bank had devalued earning Reward Points a while ago.

The change also reflects on the Vistara websitehere.

The following cards are going to be able to transfer Reward Points to Club Vistara points:

  • Yes Bank Private Card (1:1 Ratio with a minimum 250 points being redeemed)
  • Yes Bank First, Premia and Prosperity Cards (4:1 Ratio with a minimum  1000 points being redeemed)

To be able to transfer, the minimum lot size is 250 Club Vistara points, which would mean 250 points for Private Cardholders and 1000 points for other cardholders. Further, these points would reflect in your Club Vistara account in about seven days.

This now means that Club Vistara has the following transfer partners:


This is excellent news for Yes Bank Cardholders that they can now again use an Indian airline with a loyalty programme to redeem for flights in India and abroad.

What do you make of the new transfer partnership between YES Bank Credit Cards and Club Vistara?

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