Watch: Exclusive behind the scenes video from the delivery of the Boeing 787-9 to Vistara

I spent the better part of last week chasing aircraft, in particular, a specific one. Vistara, India’s youngest full-service airline was taking a big step in taking the delivery of their first Boeing 787-9 aircraft from the Everett facility of Boeing Airplanes.

Vistara has six such aircraft on order, and this aircraft induction was essential for more than one reasons. First, it is after long that a new widebody order is being filled in from an Indian customer. Second, Vistara, being a crowd charmer of an airline since the day one, it has been the question on everyone’s mind about how would their long-haul aircraft look like.

I am still working on a detailed post, trying to answer as many questions about the new product and details about the aircraft. We also took this opportunity to relaunch our YouTube channel, where we will be posting a lot more content in the coming times. Take a moment to subscribe to the channel right away and put on the notifications so that you don’t miss out on our future videos.

In the meanwhile, do enjoy this behind the scenes video from Everett, which takes you inside the Boeing Everett Factory and the first Boeing 787-9 for Vistara, along with all the celebrations that followed the delivery of the first flight. Grab a coffee along!

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