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Ajay is financial services professional based in Mumbai, India and is the resident bean counter at his place of work. He travels within India and also in Europe and Asia on work, and would go to any lovely place for a vacation. On last count, he is 18 countries old (as of December 2013) He hopes to make it to Antartica in the coming few years!

Ajay was a freelance feature writer with a bend on writing personal technology, travel and lifestyle. He entered the big bad world of finance after he graduated with his MBA and has stuck it out ever since. When not on his desk, in a meeting, on a plane or on a conference call, Ajay is also a foodie, a rookie photographer and a F1 aficionado.

Live from a Lounge is his view of the good,bad and ugly of his travel experiences, where you’d read a lot about airlines and hotels from India, and then those from Europe and rest of Asia. Apart from that, you’ll read a good deal about how to travel in India and about the travel promotions from India.  Ajay also has been invited to write for CNN’s travel website CNNGo, and is a regular commentator at the MoneyLife magazine apart from writing for the Conde Nast Traveller India sometimes.

Ajay is present on Flyertalk and Milepoint with the handle A2A, and you can reach him on email at ajay@livefromalounge.com or follow him on Twitter. You can also like the Live from a Lounge page on Facebook for further updates.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the details of the CitiBank Ultima INFINITE credit card.
    I already hold the Prestige Card but am interested in the Ultima Infinite Card

    • @Shubham the Citibank Ultima Infinite is a invite only card at par with the Amex Centurion. Costs INR 2.1 Lakhs per annum. Let me know if you need more details and I’ll send them to you 1-1

  2. Recently BoB card holders, Platinum have also been included for enjoying lounge facilities in India, and I am also one of the Platinum card holder. The term and conditions says that only one person is allowed to use the lounge facility. I would like to know if my wife can accompany me since she will be travelling to US with me.
    I am having a layover of around 11brs. from night 9.30 pm to next day morning 9 am when my US connecting flight is due from Dubai. Can you advise how I can having a restful night in the Dubai air port during the night.

  3. Hi Ajay
    Would be travelling to Coimbatore coming month with my family ( 3 of us ). could you suggest best way to plan.. I quite frequently require to travel to Coimbatore with my family for personal reasons. request you to pls suggest some good options to save since i usually end up spending 60k on flights during my each trip.
    Many thanks

  4. Hi AJ,

    Nice detailed writing, inspired me to write details about the different airport airlines and lounge experience.

    I dont consider my self as a good writer but I always believe that its good to share the information all around.

    I was searching for a list of lounges available at Delhi since I am travelling on a business trip, and that is how I reached your site.

    Keep us posted about ur Antarctica journey whenever you go there 🙂

  5. Hi AJ,

    I recently moved to London and got the BA Amex platinum card. Before that I was holding Citi PM and AmEx Platinum travel (painfully converted from Amex Kingfisher). So, I just happened to reach your blog as I was searching for methods to transfer my Amex MR, Citi PM to avios points. Your blog is EXACTLY what I was looking and really amazing to see the amount of effort, care and details you get into. Keep them coming. Like me, I am sure plenty of users are finding it super useful. Best wishes, Sambuddha

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