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#paxex: Handbaggage stamping at 7 airports going away from April 1

The frequent flyers in India will have one more moment to themselves getting on a plane. They don’t have to wait for their bags to be stamped with a security clearance after it is done, with effect from April 1, 2017. This would soon be implemented at other airports as well!

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Time to transfer via India: Indian airports & Jet Airways / Air India should shine under #electronicsban

With the changes in the aviation world hitting us hard and fast over the past two days, it seems a lot of Indians and other Asian travelers won’t be able to fly to the USA with their gadgets in sight. Perhaps it’s time for them to consider Air India and Jet Airways as an option.

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#ElectronicsBan: Valid through October 2017. Important information for (Indian) travellers, applies to everyone else too!

The Electronics Ban is now confirmed and will be rolled out over the next 3-4 days by a lot of the middle-eastern airlines, and some African ones too. If you are flying from Asia to the US of A via these regions over the next few days, check out all the information you need to know, here!

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