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Sunday Plastic: Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card

Last week, HDFC Bank and Jet Airways finally announced the details of their co-branded credit card, which was initially announced on 13th July 2012. The new JP co-branded credit card will come in 3 variations: World, Platinum and Titanium. Here is a review on the World Credit Card, which is the top-tier credit card from this tie up. HDFC Bank is currently offering this card product on the MasterCard platform only. Sign-up bonus: On signing on for the card, you will be offered 5,000 JP Miles (first swipe within 90 days), another 5,000 JP Miles on spend of Rs. 75,000 (within the first 90 days), one complimentary base fare waiver domestic ticket code (fuel surcharge and taxes to be paid)…

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Jet Airways–HDFC Bank Credit Card is now free for Jet Airways Platinum

Yesterday I wrote about the new Jet Privilege – HDFC Bank credit cards which are now out in the market. In a comparison with the old tie-up with Citibank, there were some better benefits which I pointed out. Here is a summary: JetPrivilege Platinum members used to have the Citibank Credit Card free as long as they held their Platinum tier. With HDFC Bank, that was not the case. In the tie-up with Citibank, there were renewal benefits where the card-members would get bonus miles on fee payment every year. With HDFC Bank, that benefit was withdrawn. The upgrade vouchers for Rs. 2,00,000 spend offered by Citibank are replaced with one tier point for the same spend with HDFC Bank.…

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Jet Airways’s announces new credit card partnerships with 3 banks

About 7 weeks back I informed you about the on going trouble between Jet Airways and Citibank and how their 12-year long credit card partnership was coming to an end with effect from 15th July 2012. I had hinted on the partners in the works on this FlyerTalk thread, and both my predictions have come true! Now, the new tie-ups have been announced just in the nick of time, just like Jet Airways promised, but it looks like 2 out of the 3 are still work in progress. I don’t thing either of these 3 banks is going to be jumping with joy at their partnerships, since they will obviously be able to offer airmiles as rewards to their customers,…

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Sunday Plastic: SpiceJet SBI Titanium Credit Card

Quite a few exciting credit cards are coming out for the travel-oriented and I am having quite a bit of a job on hand to keep up to speed. Spicejet, India’s second biggest low-cost airline after Indigo, has had a tie-up for a credit card with SBI for a while. About 10 days back they re-launched the card with a suite of benefits that make it look exciting now, and I am considering applying for one now. While I have reviewed the Amex Gold Charge Card and Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card in the past, this is the first time I am reviewing an airline co-branded credit card, perhaps the only Indian airline co-branded card on the market right now…

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1-year fee waiver on the yet-to-be-announced Jet Airways co-branded credit card

Ever since Jet Airways and Citibank went their own separate ways, Jet Airways is working on a new co-branded credit card partner bank, and has publicly announced a deadline of 15th July 2012 it has set for itself to announce a new partner. It first sent out this email to all holders of the Jet Airways Citibank Credit Card: In the interim, do continue using your Jet Airways Citibank Credit Card (JACC) until 15th July, 2012 and every spend between now and 15th July, 2012, will entitle you to earn the base plus triple JPMiles. This offer is applicable to all JACC card holders – Platinum, Titanium and Citibusiness. Example: A Jet Airways Citibank Platinum credit card holder earns 4…

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Burn Notice: Citibank and Jet Airways – friends turning foes!

I did not intend to put out such an attention-grabbing headline out here, but considering I feel cheated and walked over, I might as well. And that too with brands such as Jet Airways and Citibank which I profess all over the place. I’m glad this happened before I wrote my Sunday Review series on the Jet Airways Citibank Credit Card though. The bad news…something I can claim proudly I was ahead of the curve on. The Jet Airways Citibank Credit Card partnership, which is was about 12 years old, is over. Yesterday, a lot of Jet Airways Citibank Credit Card members received the following email informing them of the move: Dear Card Member, We would like to thank you…

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