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Reminder: Last 2 days for transfer bonuses from Citibank PremierMiles

Like I wrote earlier in November, Citibank is offering a 30% bonus on PremierMiles transfer to British Airways Avios, and a 20% bonus on Etihad Guest transfers, both valid for transfers initiated till December 31, 2012. This is a quick reminder that if you wanted to make the transfer, right now is a good time to call the Citibank helpdesk for this. Any transfers which are even initiated on the 31st of December will get the bonus mileage. It usually takes 1-2 days for the transferred miles to reflect in the mileage account, and Citi transfers PremierMiles 1:1 to Avios and Etihad Guest, which will become 1:1.3 with the bonus. Avios is a good transfer opportunity, remember, if you are…

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Just exactly how efficient is Etihad Guest as a loyalty program?

I have to say all the money to run two massive airlines in a small country has not brought the best of systems and processes to the airline which wants to be the next Emirates. My first brush with the Etihad Guest loyalty program was when they announced a status match, and I applied for it. It took Etihad 2 months or more to process my Status Match request, and they only informed me in June 2012 that my request was confirmed. Now, hypothetically, Etihad is putting you in an elite tier (Gold), and wants to be a classy airline. Which should mean you should get your membership kits in time, no? Guess what, after many emails, I received my…

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