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Hotel Promotions to Maximise in July 2018

In July 2018, make sure you make use of a lot of hotel promotions that are ongoing at the moment. Here is a definitive roundup of all the hotel promotions you could take advantage of when booking your stays!

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SPG extends partnership with ITC Hotels in India

SPG and Club ITC have announced a reward collaboration for their members in India. Under this partnership, Club ITC members who are SPG members will have the option to transfer their Club ITC Green Points to Starpoints. Similarly SPG members can redeem their Starpoints for ITC Certificates.
Read on to find out more details on the partnership and whether it really makes sense to redeem Starpoints for ITC retail and dining certificates.

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Winner for the ITC Culinary Plus voucher

Earlier this week, I had put out an ITC Culinary Plus discount voucher for a giveaway. All you had to do was to tell me where would you like to dine if you received the voucher to yourself. This morning, I used to select a winner. This was Saurabh, who said: ITC Maratha, MumbaiFingers crossed to be licked! Congrats Saurabh, and there are more such giveaways coming soon, so the rest of you should look out for them! Related Post: Giveaway: Upto 50% off for your meal at an ITC Hotel on us! Live From A Lounge is present on Facebook, Twitter & available via email, RSS.

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Giveaway: Upto 50% off for your meal at an ITC Hotel on us!

Those of you who know me a little more than the blog, also know about my love for good food, reason good enough to have been member of the ITC Hotels’ Culinary Plus program for the past year. ITC Hotels have some of the best restaurants in India, such as Bukhara, Dum Pukht & Dakshin, and I’ve received some fantastic discounts at the ITC Hotels restaurants over the past year.  I am offering for a giveaway one voucher that I receive as a part of my membership kit, which will enable one reader and his entourage to be able to receive upto 50% off on a meal at an ITC Hotels Restaurant as well. Here is the discount offer, however…

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