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Birdwatch: Photo # 7 (Fedex)

Time to revive the Birdwatch series. I know I’ve been erratic with this one but I’ll try my best to be putting out some more plane spotting pictures regularly now. I caught this Fedex MD-11F just as it got off the active runway on BOM last week, and you can see as I tried to get a shot, a crow competed to be in the same frame as well. Reminds me of ‘As the crow flies’ by Jeffrey Archer. Airline: FedEx Location: Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) Airframe: McDonnell Douglas MD-11(F) If you want to share a picture of a plane, an airport, or anything aviation related, please send it across to aj@livefromalounge.comwith the details and I’ll put it up…

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