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10 Weeks to OneWorld MegaDo: Preparing for Seat 33A!

I just strolled over to to check how was I doing on seat 33A.  I had a whale of a time booking up my seat a couple of weeks back when I had to cancel an evening out to be in front of the computer when the booking opened up. I thought I’d plan this trip with the BoardingArea peeps and readers along going forward. Here is how it looks like so far! Booking seats on the Charter AAOWMD – Check It was 10 AM morning in the US ( I forget the time zone!), and 9 PM or so in Delhi, where I was trying to book up. Add to it the pressures of visiting friends and relatives…

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Looks like I am up for a MegaDo!!!!

It was a test of technology that is now turning into a test of patience! This morning (late evening in India actually), I sat in front of my laptop waiting for the clock to strick 930 CDT. There were hints that the booking for the upcoming OW MegaDo in Jan2012 could start earlier than the 10AM deadline. Of course I was already envious of those who could have made it to the LAX launch party and had a right of first refusal to all seats on the plane. At roughly about 10 AM, the site started giving all the error messages which pointed to a huge rush. Despite the best efforts and intentions of the MilePoint team, where the…

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