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Vistara 10% cashback with Citibank Credit Cards this weekend

Citibank and Vistara are running a joint promotion this weekend, where bookings made with a Citibank Credit Card on, will get you a 10% cashback for up to INR 2000 per booking. The promotion is valid for bookings made between April 10, 2015 to April 12, 2015. Vistara is a good full-service airline, and I flew on their inaugural flight. I’d fly them again if it fits my schedules. The details on the promotion are present on the Citibank website, and are listed as under: Offer details: 10% cash back at 10% cash back capped to Rs.2000 per transaction. Maximum four (4) transactions allowed per credit card. Cash back to be credited by/before 31st May 2015 in customer’s…

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UK do you really think I want to pay your GBP 3,000 for your visa?

One of the by-products of being a British colony was that India got to be a part of the Commonwealth, but that’s where the vanity of it stopped. The UK government has of course considered it to be mandatory to make visa very expensive for Indians to access their country, and as per what I read the visa cost went up thrice over the first half of this year itself. The money United Kingdom asks for a 6-month visa, the United States of American would usually grant a 10-year multiple-visit visa to Indian passport holders. However, the UK seems to be surely losing the plot and the intent to get more Indian passengers who seem to be going over despite…

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The Brit visa? Why so expensive? And telemarketing infested?

If you read the visa word and came over, take note this is not a credit card hawking post. Just a simple rant! Now that we have that out of the way, lets begin. For the upcoming oneworld MegaDo, I signed on for the optional segment across the pond in London. A few days ago, while flipping through my passport, I realised my UK visa had expired and I needed a new sticker. Usually, since I travel often on work, I count on the office to pay for my visa expenses, but this being a personal trip, I started to read the rules. Here is what came up at the section for visa charges: Now here is my problem. This…

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