SpiceJet’s 50% more click baity promotion

I’m in the midst of making a few travel bookings, and on one particular sector, it turned out SpiceJet would work out the best for me rather than the carriers I’m usually used to flying. So I thought, why not.

Now, SpiceJet has been running SpiceClub for a while, which started as a loyalty program, but now also runs as a e-wallet for people who want to book on SpiceJet. Benefit versus booking directly on SpiceJet with a credit card is that you don’t have to pay the convenience fee. Also you get 2% extra monetary value.

Having said that, SpiceJet has been running a promotion all of May which I have been unable to crack till today. It says,


What would you think when you read this? That you are getting 52% bonus all of this month on loading up your SpiceCash, right? At least they could have worded it better. It says in the ad that you get 2% additional when you load your SpiceCash, not calling it an incentive. And then, it refers to an additional 50% incentive. Wordplay I say, but not in the best taste.

<blockquoteclass=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”>

Hi, please note that all eligible customers are entitled to receive 2% incentive and additional 1% incentive on SpiceCashTop-up incentive.

— SpiceJet(@flyspicejet) May 31, 2017

Here is the fineprint which was there all along but I did not appreciate fully till I asked the Twitter team today.

  • During the offer period all eligible customers are entitled to receive additional 1% incentive on SpiceCash Top-up incentive.
  • Applicable on top-up amount of INR 1000 & above.
  • Offer Valid till 31st May only.
  • Rest all terms & conditions of Top-up functionality available.

It then clicked to me that the 50% was the 50% of the 2% they were offering all along, hence another 1% added.

And here people hound me literally when I write something which comes across with a little less detail than the headline could accommodate.

Have you used this promotion hoping to get a 52% bonus? Atleast I did, and at the time I thought the 2% came straight and the 50% perhaps was going to come after another validation or something. Sigh!

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