Vistara takes Platinum Members on a trip to Leh!

As an observer and analyst and user of Frequent Travel programs, I can tell you one thing with authority. Everyone is trying to cut off the liability of points from their books and add non-commital stuff such as experiences. But that is the case more and more with hotel loyalty programs where everyone is following the lead of Starwood into moving towards experiences.

On the aviation frontier, different airlines have different ways of rewarding their frequent fliers. I do know about how the higher you are on Emirates Skywards, you get to be ahead of the line for all the benefits and soft upgrades.

However, no one ever made one thing work, and that was making soft benefits happen apart from the hard benefits. Now, Club Vistara took a new shape one year ago. And they launched their Platinum tier about that time. So, to celebrate their Platinum Members, Vistara organised a by invitation trip for some Vistara Platinum members to Leh over a period of three days.

Vistara Platinum Members welcomed to Leh

Vistara Platinum Members welcomed to Leh

And Vistara’s CSCO Sanjiv Kapoor was on the trip. So, he posted tonnes of pictures on Twitter once back and along the way!

Now, the bottom line of all of this is that there is an airline which is trying to differentiate themselves from the various other business models that exist in the Indian skies right now. And this is not the last of these trips. Vistara’s CSCO hints there may be more in the offing.

So if you want to get on the next one, it is as simple as, fly Vistara more often and get to Platinum.


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