Air India looks all set for Star Alliance this summer

Hot on the trails of SriLankan Airlines joining oneworld, Air India seems to be working on all frontiers to get set to join Star Alliance. While there have been a lot of news reports in the past couple of days, this interview with the CEO of Star Alliance, Mark Schwab seems to nail the date down to June or July 2014 after an endorsement from the CEO’s of other Star Alliance members as of 23 June 2014.

Our CEOs get together in London on the occasion of the new Star Alliance terminal at London Heathrow on 23 June where we expect an endorsement vote to be taken up on Air India joining Star. And we are just beginning to coordinate with Air India what is the best date for us to have them. I would expect sometime in the month of july.

Since all airlines are supposed to paint some of their planes in the alliance livery, Air India is planning to paint one of their new Boeing 787s and one of their Airbus A320 series aircraft in the *A livery.

I’m personally very excited that I will now have Star Alliance Gold due to my AI-SBI Credit Card status match, and I don’t need to redo my Turkish Airlines Status Match this year. I might just give some business in the coming years to Star Alliance again.

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